sex workers in the Philippines

Topics: Prostitution, Sex industry, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: March 13, 2014

Background of the Study

Leisure and tourism is considered as one way of getting away from our daily routines. Numerous tourist feel bored and tired of their everyday life so they travel to escape those environments. Their jobs and duties have become a hindrance to joy feeling in life. Sex tourism has been in the center of public debate throughout all times, buying and selling sex evokes strong emotions it fascinates, provokes, thrills and disgusts us. Sex tourism could be understood as sex workers in specific context and display an encounter between people from different socio-economical positions, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. A sex worker is someone who uses sexual acts in return for money, services, or products. The person benefiting on behalf of the sex worker can be the actual sex worker or someone referred to as a pimp. Throughout history, people around the world have had different views of sexuality. Sex work is an area of sexuality that has been around for centuries. There are many different areas of sex work. There are such things as prostitution, pornography, sex tourism, and the sex trade. Sex workers are present in almost every country. In the Middle East, Islams believed that sex was meant to be enjoyed by both the male and the female. Sex was not allowed outside of marriage. It was believed that extramarital sex would so powerful that it could disrupt society. In the Philippines there is no strong evidence that shows the exact birth of sex workers but as the definition of the sex workers it began from the comfort women of World War II, the name “comfort women” is a translation of a Japanese name IANFU it is a euphemism for shofu meaning prostitute(s) wherein sex-starved Japanese soldiers forced Filipino “comfort women” to spread their legs for the glory of the nation of the rising sun. Another picture that paved way to the dawn of sex tourism in the country was the prostitution n Olongapo City. Soon after World War II,...
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