Sex Traffiking

Topics: English-language films, Future, Dyslexia Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: April 23, 2013

Dear Carol,

During these seven weeks of school that has past by, I am proud to say that your reading class has become one of my favorite classes. Lately, thanks to you I have been reading excessively. I came across books I have really enjoyed and some that I would just look at the cover and not even read, but somehow those books are the most interesting books. Honestly, if I never had a reading class I would have not been reading any books and maybe my vocabulary would have never expanded. Participating in class has got me more comfortable to speak around others, such as classmates, teachers, etc. Writing letters became one of the most interesting things for me to do. Growing up letters was never such a big deal. However, in the future I will master writing letters because of you. Some areas I think I need to work more on to grow more as a reader is to stop being lazy and read a little bit more than I am reading today. Sometimes I start to slack and procrastinate when it comes towards reading. Also, some areas I have to work on towards writing are also writing more. I have got so comfortable speaking in class that I have more to say when I speak then I write. During the second semester I plan to read around 15 books so maybe I can have a possibility of reading around the minimum of 5,000 pages. I will really be proud of myself. As a teacher you have been doing your job so honestly theirs nothing I think you should work on. Continue being the great teacher that you are. Thank You
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