Sex Slavery

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Human trafficking Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Modern Sex Slavery
Modern slavery is a group of words that most Americans might not be familiar with. Millions of people assume that slavery ended with the African slave trade, and the Emancipation Proclamation, but there is a lot of information that people are blind to. Slavery is defined as the practice of forcing a person to work under unfavorable conditions against his or her own will, but what the dictionary doesn’t show is that there are many different forms of slavery. Child slavery, and forced labor both fall under the most common form of modern slavery that is sex slavery or more commonly called “sex trafficking.” Slavery is still as real as it was in the 1800’s and at this moment there are about 27 million people currently enslaved. In two informational speeches given by Sunitha Krishnan, and Kevin Bales, two people who have dedicated their lives to putting an end to modern sex slavery, they use a myriad of different techniques to show the facts regarding this practice and call others to action to aid in putting a stop to modern slavery. Speaker Krishnan was more effective in her purpose of spreading knowledge about the topic and getting people involved with helping. Through the heavy use of emotional background stories, and up-to-date statistics, Krishnan was able to more effectively accomplish her goal of persuading people to help put an end to child slavery.

Through the use of oral speeches, both Krishnan and Bales made their arguments regarding modern slavery. Although both argued in the same direction: that modern slavery is a growing problem that needs to be stopped, they took different ways of presenting their information. Bales focused more on the actual combat of modern slavery. He tells of how he has conducted research regarding modern slavery, and he has actually traveled to places where it is prevalent. The speaker appealed to the audience’s emotions by painting a picture of many children and adults being held back from their full...

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