Sex Sells

Topics: Sexual dysfunction, Sexual intercourse, Libido Pages: 5 (1963 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Sex Sells. In the 22nd century, these words have become much less of a coined phrase and more of a fact of life that many corporations stand by. With the rise of popular media in the 90’s, sex and skin have become some of the most common themes to see in ads of all kinds, from deodorant sticks to underwear commercials. It makes sense though, seeing as how our sexual drive is such a controlling aspect of our attitudes and behaviors as Americans, it is only natural that marketing agencies take advantage of this and aim many of their campaigns to appeal to our libido. When one also considers how much of a capitalistic super power the United States is, it would be natural to conclude that porn and sexual themes are very prevalent in different daily American life, and much more so than lives of other societies across the globe. From the TV to the Internet to highway billboards, we are bombarded relentlessly through the day with sexual images and messages. This high concentration of sexual stimulus has changed America as a whole, and set it apart from many other countries as being a very sexually active and aggressive country, as opposed to many other places of living on the far side of the globe. This high density of pornographic has become the cause of so many sexual disorders and fetishes seen largely in America alone. It is worth noting that anxiety is the number one cause of sexual dysfunction cases in America(Heidelbaugh and Arbor, 2012). With the overflow of images and noises spilling over from the television and radio into our heads, it only seemed inevitable for sex to now have a standard expectation. This is simply not an expectation all of us can live up to however; not all women were born with bodies made to support thick thighs nor men made with a ridiculously high muscle-fat ratio. This gross over exaggeration of how men and women are expected to look in America has lead to many self-image issues and anxiety disorders. Men do not feel as though they have the right body image to please a woman during sex, and some women do not feel like taking their clothes off at all. This dangerous disease of self-consciousness is not as prevalent in other countries where beauty and attractiveness have not been whittled down to a science expressed in pictures and sounds raining down upon its citizens everyday. In a 2006 global study by Holtman and Whitner, women in India were 30.7% more comfortable with their body image on average than women in America. “The experience of sexual dysfunction was found to be more likely among men and women with poor physical and emotional health.”(Laumann, Paik and Rosen 2005) This result clearly signifies the importance placed on body image in America than other parts of the world, and the correlation between poor self-confidence and sexual malfunction. This over importance of sex leads to anxieties and feelings of inadequacy between both the sexes generating unhealthy sexual conceptions via overstimulation from the TV and other forms of entertainment. Cosmetic Surgery is now becoming the newest form of human beautification in North America. Tummy Tucks, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation are a quick and easy way for Americans to now fit into the unrealistic “norm” of what and American man and women should look like. Although it should be noted the higher incidence of cosmetic surgeries among women then with men. These procedures are purely elective, and truly serve no higher purpose than to alter ones body through medical means to move closer to a desired self image, save for nasal passages opening up more in the case of rhinoplasty. These processes can be detrimental to ones health, as getting so intimate with ones flesh as surgery aims to is always something best avoided if possible. These elective surgeries are becoming a growing business in the United States, not just for celebrities, but also among others rich with money and sexual desire. From 1999-2001, elective cosmetic surgery procedures...
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