Sex Sales

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Britney Spears Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: June 6, 2005
-Sex Sales-

In the American culture today, sex seems to be a very big, controversial thing in advertising. In almost every television ad or magazine ad, there’s a reference to sex. Sex seems to attract many consumers in America to buy products such as fragrances, clothes, tools, and pretty much any other products used in America today. This shows that many Americans respond very well to ads that contain sexual references. In Britney Spear’s new fragrance commercial, it shows her and a guy walking down the hall and they both go to their own room. Then it shows two scenes. One of the scenes show the guy sitting on his bed and the other scene shows Britney on her bed. Then they both started thinking about sex, and it shows a few short scenes of them having sex and exposing some of Britney’s body. This is all happening in their mind and then at the end, the product is shown. To the consumer, the commercial tells them, “If I buy this fragrance, maybe I’ll get lucky with the guys and make them think about having sex with me.” Sex sells, because sex is one of the many things that most people in America desire, so they respond quickly to it. Even on billboards and flyers there’s sexual references. On a billboard in the city of Chicago was advertising the restaurant, “Hooters.” Instead of just saying, “Come and enjoy our food with the family and have a great time,” there’s a picture of a girl in skimpy shorts and a tight shirt that reveals some cleavage. Why couldn’t they advertise using something else not sex related? It’s because sex attracts people and it makes people want to go eat at that restaurant so they can see girls in skimpy outfits. This is all true because most people in America see sex as something wild and forbidden. They desire it and want to be wild and that’s why they go for the products or go eat at the restaurant. This proves that sex is a part of our culture and it’s popular, that’s why the American people respond well and quickly...
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