Sex Roles In Society

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Transgender Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: September 27, 2013

Throughout the semester we have focused on areas of discrimination in the workplace, especially when it comes to sex and gender differences. We have seen the dichotomy surrounding the push for gender equality and the traditional stereotypes that still exist within the workplace and in our society as a whole. There is still a glass ceiling that exists for women in the workplace, especially when it comes to obtaining higher positions in large companies.

The question posed for resolution throughout the book was "Is it only a matter of time until the proportions of women and men in a managerial levels and all occupations become essential equal, until women and men are paid equal wages for equal work, and until individuals' work experiences are unaffected by their biological sex?" (Powell, 2011). Our author inserts his documented answer to this question that it is up to organizations to act against the glass ceiling and tear it down by putting diversity into effect. I somewhat disagree. I believe that the reason women receive so much professional opposition is due to the naivety and newness of gender and racial equality in our country. It also stems from how current generations are raised. The largest group of Americans, the Baby Boomers, was sons and daughters of housewives and male breadwinners much more than my generation is. While there is nothing wrong with this family structure, men still see women as they saw their moms- selfless, hardworking for no pay at all.

There is obviously much more to this phenomenon and there are additional issues that need to be addressed in respect to sex roles in the workplace. Sexual harassment plays an embarrassingly large role in especially women's feeling of discomfort and discrimination within the workplace. While sexual harassment can happen to men too, according to the article "Sexual Harassment, Workplace Authority, and the Paradox of Power", sexual harassment goes a lot deeper than sexual desire...

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