Sex, Religion, and Lady Gaga

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Sex, Religion, and Lady Gaga
What I think I know
George W. Bush once said that he felt that God wanted him to run for president, so is it any wonder that religion, faith, and spirituality is infused in American pop culture in the decade in which Bush was the sitting president for eight years? In the media we see celebrities creating new religions, joining a religious fad, and not believing in anything, and in all facets of our lives we see ourselves immersing in what our favorite celebrity believes in.

Despite the many unique characteristics individuals and communities have, it is the institution of religion that places iron grip on individuality hence keeping conformity. Religious communities expect their members to assume a certain shape, to fit a particular mold; restriction essentially diminishes individuality while accepting conformity. In the twenty-first century, a time period that encourages creativity and individuality; it is the very institution of religion that ultimately shuns individualism by promoting conformity through religious group membership, as well as the oppression of “different” views and the ostracism of the individuals who have different beliefs. Today in America, much of our lives are defined by popular culture. Traditions and patterns handed down from generations have been influenced by popular culture in society more today than of yesteryear. Trends are changing in regard to convenience, communication, and personal gain.           When I think of social trends, I am reminded of the new technology that exists today. Technology has change the way we communicate forcing us to stay abreast on the latest version and gadgets to remain functioning actively. Computers and cellular telephones, once accessories, but are necessities today. The Internet is a tool that has changed the way we live when shopping, paying bills, even doing research.   Gone are the days of land lines and pay phones.   Those gadgets are replaced by cellular phones with text messaging capabilities that allow instant messages to be received faster than voice messaging.   Electronic mail, also known as e-mail, whether used personally or in the workplace, has replaced postal bulk mail in some instances.   Social networking websites of   Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and eHarmony are very popular today. Users of these sites can share a personal profile, make new friends, date online, and post video and daily messages. Also, Fortune 500 companies use the internet to advertise anything because people in this world do not want to be left in the past. My Discoveries

A prime example of a celebrity using their fame to convey a controversial issue such as religion is our generation’s pop icon Lady Gaga. “Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are,” no matter where she goes or what she does she never fails to tell her little monsters to follow their dream. She is different, she is unique, and she makes every one of her fans feel as if she was one of them. Lady Gaga grew up in and raised in Yonkers, New York, she develops a passion for music, learning to play the piano by ear at four and composing her own ballads by thirteen. She went to school in an all girl catholic private school at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. At the age of 17 she was able to attend New York University's Tisch School of the Arts before dropping out to focus on her musical career. "I thought I could teach myself about art better than the school could," she tells Elle. Working as a waitress and designing her own stage outfits by day, Gaga begins to make a name for herself by dancing in Lower East Side burlesque clubs and singing in dive bars. But with success comes an overwhelming sense of hardships "I left my entire family, got the cheapest apartment I could find, and ate shit until somebody would listen," she stated. Her fight to the top of the record charts soon made her a house hold name for people everywhere; and with...
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