Sex Offenders List

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Sex Offender List

The methods or ways a person can get onto the sex offenders list is unreasonable. Indecent exposure being one of the easiest ways to get onto the list, I know this list and the ways people somehow get on it should be revised. While the sex offenders list may deter some rapists/people with serious problems I believe that the list should be limited to know Rapists, people who have done the indiscretion in the past 20 years, and people who have attempted and have had sex with children/minors. Only this in the end will be the justice so many wronged people need to vindicate themselves for their torment.

Back when I was in seventh grade I used to spend so much time over at my friends house and we used to get into a lot of trouble, in many different ways. After the regular boring day of summer break I decided that I would go over to his house to play some console games such as Grand Turismo three, where we played for a couple hours. But such games do get boring so when we went outside to mess around a little bit. Some things happened and ideas exchanged and my friend was ended up being dared to moon someone who was driving by. After he accomplished this task we ran back inside and proceeded to burst our guts in laughter. Why am I writing this? I am writing this because we had the cops called on us for this ‘indiscretion.' while neither of us got into serious trouble from the law we did learn something that day. We learnt that such exposure can get you into major trouble and put you on a list such as the sex offenders list.

Say someone is walking out of their house in a bathrobe to their car, or to grab the mail off of their front porch. The bath robe accidentally falls from the person and someone either walking down the street or inside a house in the general vicinity is extremely offended by such an act. They call the police and when the police come to investigate it the story is untrue and the person who called the cops flares the story completely saying the person showed them their nude body. Then the unlucky person goes down to the police station, gets his fingerprints taken and must be registered on the sexual offenders list. Then, that person must move away from their home if it is close to a school or to a place where kids are found frequently. Every year from then on is lived in strain because when they move they must tell their neighbors that they are registered sex offenders. That is where the offenders list completely draws the line for people who are innocent as the person in this example.

While a person is on a offenders list as said before they must register with the local officials so neighbors and the community can be notified. This adds a strain to the life of a sex offender if he feels either remorse or guilt for his actions. After the action that got them on the list in the first place the person must live with what they did for the rest of their lives. Many men, mostly because most people on the list are men, have taken their lives because of what they did and how people treat him after they know what the man has done in the past. If someone was to feel truly sorry for his actions and was not a repeat offender I believe there should be a rehabilitation program for those people to check and see if that person has truly changed their ways. This is the only way that some people could cleanse themselves of the memories of such actions they did in the past. The government gives second chances to criminals/addicts, why not give them to the so called ‘sexual predators?'

Someone's other view might be that this list is up because we need to keep the people who flash people to the people who actually have sexual encounters with minors or are rapists. While this is a valid way of understanding why the sexual offenders list is made up, it has its flaws like every other idea behind the lists. Gabrielle Salfati writes that "Sexual offenders who are violent in nature and so rape their victims...
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