Sex Offenders

Topics: Sex offender Pages: 6 (925 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Sex Offenders should have their own community and live there, I don’t want to be living with Sex Offenders. I don’t want my children to be walking in the same neighbor where there is Sex Offenders. In Manchester alone there are 451 Sex offenders and I’m glad that they have it on the internet so that could can get the maps to see where they all live. Sex Offenders have to be registered where ever they live. But there are a few that get away from that and hide. The 451 Sex Offenders comes from the City Data of my State.

Just knowing where the Sex Offenders are keeping us safe. I feel even if the sex offenders go through programs once a sex offender always a sex offender. We had an issue here in Manchester last week a sex offender was one the loose and was going around the school’s here in Manchester. He made his way to Connecticut and got arrested I felt that is great now my children can make their way back to school. I wasn’t going to let my children walk to school because I can’t drive right now. I fear for my children everyday if someone were ever to take my children and hurt them in any way. I always ask the question does anyone feel like me. What would you do if you lived where sex offenders live what would you say?

I feel very strong on how I feel about Sex Offenders. It like Sex Offenders is taking over the world they are very sick individuals. What makes a person to become a Sex Offender and what they do? Does anyone else have question like I do? The police in each city how do they handle Sex Offenders. Having more parks Sex Offenders have to stay 2,000 feet away from children. But some one always slips through the system.

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