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Topics: Sex offender, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: October 5, 2013
Keeping labeling theory in mind, does sex registration (of convicted sex offenders) serve the public interests, and or does this labeling process do more harm than good? Pls fully explain and defend your views. I am the father of 4 children. I have three daughters; 23, 14 and 7 and a 21 year old boy. The thought of my children, any of them, older or younger, being the victim of a sex offense scares me to death. I have always been in favor of the National Sex Offender Registry. I have thought of the sex offender registry as a tool. Since having my children, whenever I have moved to any location I always check the sex offender registry to look for registered sex offenders in the area and have decided not to move to certain homes because of the results. I would use the sex offender registry to know exactly where the registered offenders lived in relation to my family. Because of the labeling theory, I have altered my views somewhat about the National Sex Offender Registry. The labeling theory basically states that people will often fit themselves into the role that society places on them. This is especially true concerning deviant labeling and deviant behavior. An example of this may be that if an individual has been involved in some physical fights and society labels them as “violent”, the individual will then accept the role society has given them and continue to act violently regardless of the consequences. Also, if a certain section of society labels an individual a certain way, others in society will come to accept the label given to the individual (Bernburg, 2003). Most people believe that the National Sex Offender Registry will keep them and their families safe because they can look up the offenders, know who they are and protect against them. The problem is that very few of the sex offenses committed by criminals are against strangers. Most of the time the offender is a neighbor they already know, a friend of the family or a family member. In...

References: Bernburg, J. G. & Krohn, M. D. (2003). Labeling, life chances and adult crime: The direct and indirect effects of official intervention in adolescence on crime in early adulthood. Criminology, 41(4), 1287-1318.
Prescott, J. J. (2012). Do sex offender registries make us less safe. Regulation, 35(2), 48-58.
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