Sex, Lies and the

Topics: Barack Obama, John McCain, United States presidential election, 2008 Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: March 19, 2012
This text by Andrew Keen is as the title alludes to “Sex, lies and the Internet”. It is obvious that Andrew Keen, who wrote this in his book from 2007, is critical of the media the Internet, which, in this text’s example, abuses the opportunity people have to meet each other virtually. It is obvious why he is pointing out two really serious stories posted on two different Web sites, because they make his argumentation for clamming that the Internet Is only up to bad things even stronger. Basically it is about people making fun of virtual places to meat. In this case a marketplace for one-night stands, and think it is a risk-free platform due to it is “an editorless medium where the only rules are that there are no rules”. He is here refereeing to the story with the Seattle “techie” named Jason Fortuny who clearly did not understand any kind of normal behaviour and did what is possible to do: make up a false identity on the basis of other peoples’ pictures and names, which gave him more or less than 178 responses to something that did not exist. Andrew Keen writes that people who were involved in the case from September 2006 felt the consequences of having "private" information and pictures lying on the website which, at first, was put their to exploring sex without commitment etc. But later these non-committing profiles would turn into to be the destroyer of families, relationships and careers since people who had created these profiles naively trusted that no one could take their personally information and abuse them and spreading false histories. “Like to much of what is on the Web today, his prank was both dishonest and harmful”. Andrew Keen points out that a big part of the Internet is based on lies and gossip that no one really cares for or use in any constructively way, but instead sends it along and do not think about the consequences.

He is also pointing out the story with the girl called Julie who “posted a horrific tale on the Web site...
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