Sex, Lies and Conversation

Topics: Girl, Female, Communication Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: January 10, 2011
1)The author claims that the men more likely to talking in public place, but less at home. The women is more likely to talk to their husband at home, but do not talk in the public. We see this when the author explain the reason. She states, “In the public setting of a guest lecture, men felt challenged to show his intelligence and display his understanding of the lecture. But at home, where he has nothing to prove and no one to defend against, he is free to remain silent. For his wife, being home means she is free from the worry that something she says might offend someone, or sparks disagreement, or appears to be showing off; at home she is free to talk.” This suggests the men likely to talk in public because they want to show their intelligence to other people, but women feel free to talk at home because they do not have to fear about creating conflict with others. 2)The author’s main belief in “Sex, Lies and Conversation”, is that both men and women come from two different cultures and that during a simple a conversation it would seem as if it was “cross-cultural communication”. Tannen states that in a research video, she noticed that during conversations between women, “their eyes anchored on each other’s faces and they faced each other directly”. However, for the men she states “they sat at angles to each other and looked elsewhere in the room, periodically glancing at each other”. She shows an example of a young couple where whenever she wanted to talk to him, he would lie down on the floor, close his eyes, and put his arm over his face. She clearly thinks that he is taking a nap, but he insisted that he was blocking out everything around him and was listening extra hard. This is true because women think guys don’t care because they are not paying attention, but deep down they do, we just don’t know what’s going on inside their heads. The author claims that women regard talk as the “cornerstone of friendship”, while men rely more on sharing experiences...
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