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Topics: Gender, Interpersonal relationship, Gender role Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Love and Basketball is an awesome coming of age Romance/Drama that follows Quincy and Monica, two basketball stars who are forced to endure a whirlwind of obstacles and changes in life just to allow their love to endure. This film follows the couple through “4 quarters of life” the first quarter being early adolescent years and the fourth quarter being adulthood. Quincy is portrayed as the typical alpha male student athlete whose only concern is having a variety of women and playing basketball. He’s very conceited, cocky and narcissistic he has a heavy fan following because his father is a retired NBA athlete and that attributes to the way he acts. Monica is similar and completely different at the same time. She also displays the cocky and conceited characteristics in her personality. But she struggles with putting her true feelings on display. She’s a tomboy and shows no sexual interest in anything other than basketball. But she secretly is in love with her best friend Quincy. They eventually end up in a relationship.

Monica and her mother are the leading female actors. The mother follows the stereotypical idea of what women are expected to do she’s a stay at home mom that cooks cleans and looks after the children. The movie does an excellent job in showing gender role reversal when it comes to the way Monica is portrayed. She is unemotional, physically strong, independent, active, and aggressive those adjectives are usually expressed when describing a male lead but Monica displays those characteristics.

Quincy and his father are the male leads. His father follows the stereotypical testosterone driven male characteristics. He’s the big strong and powerful NBA player that cheats on his wife with various women. When Quincy finds out that his father cheats they put gender role reversal on display again. Quincy appears emotional, dependent, physically weak, and passive. So Quincy begins to make dramatic decisions, he decides to break up with Monica and...
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