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Sex Eduucation

By phylliskinnard Apr 17, 2014 1075 Words
Sex Education Research
Teens often consider engage in sex without knowing all of the other things that come along with it. This happens because they are usually told not to have sex and are not educated about sexual activities. Sex education is a good thing because if they are going to be involved in sexual acts they should know the benefits and consequences. There are schools that provide programs about abstinence, but fail to give detail about sex. These consist of a negative approach to intimidate student to not have sex, or engage in sexual activities. Is this an effective way to prevent teen pregnancies, STDs, and emotional distress? (LeClai,).

Abstinence-only programs tend to have more funding than comprehensive sex education programs. These types of programs are opinion-based and centered on morals and sometimes religious values. Instruction usually censors contraception and condoms for preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence-only programs teach that sexual expression outside of marriage will have harmful social, psychological, and physical consequences. Believers of abstinence feel that it is the only way to protect teens from pregnancy and STDs. These programs only show one side to sex education and that is to simply not have sex. The topic about sex is limited to negative consequences of pre-marital sex. Generally, in these programs they do not discuss abortion, masturbation, or sexual orientation. The information provided can often be misleading and incorrect. Also, the information given is based off of stereotypes and biases. According to the Journal of School Health, Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs tend to have more funding. Not all state has shifted from this approach to a more evidence-based approach. It is proposed that there is no strong evidence that abstinence-only programs have an effect on youth sexual activity. (Crabtree) By contrast, I believe that comprehensive sex education is a more realistic approach to reduce STDs and teen pregnancy. Students need accurate and age- appropriate information about sex and its aspects. Comprehensive sex education teaches students that sex is normal and a part of life. It teaches that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the most effective method of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (Wisconsin Women's Law Journal). Comprehensive sex education teaches that proper use of latex condoms, along with water-based lubricants, can greatly reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of unintended pregnancy and of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. It teaches that consistent use of modern methods of contraception can greatly reduce a couple's risk for unintended pregnancy. There is accurate, factual information on abortion, masturbation, and sexual orientation. Comprehensive sex education includes a wide variety of sexuality related topics, such as human development, relationships, interpersonal skills, sexual expression, sexual health, and society and culture. Comprehensive sex education provides values-based education and offers students the opportunity to explore and define their individual values as well as the values of their families and communities. Educators of sex education acknowledge that religious values can play an important role in an individual's decisions about sexual expression. It is better to educate students on all aspects of sex. As an example, the chart in the Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing, Students are asked which approach is offer at their school: thirty-six percent said abstinence-only, sixty-one percent safe-sex approach, and three percent did not know or refused to answer.

In my opinion, sex education is not wrong. I think it benefits the youth and provides them with information that can last a life time. Knowledge is power, so I think if youth know the aspects and consequences that come along with engaging in sexual activity they will have a second thought before acting. I do not think that schools and parents should avoid the sex talk or sex awareness among youth. If the right approach is taken the outcome can be effective with youth.

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This draft is shorter than required, and while it’s reasonably well organized, much of what you seem to be doing here is defining the differences between abstinence-only and comprehensive sex ed. This would be more appropriate for part 1. While it’s clear that you support comprehensive sex ed, there isn’t a single clear thesis statement in this draft, and what you need to be providing here isn’t definitions but evidence. Why do you take the position you’re taking on this issue? What evidence is there to support your position? As you consider opposing viewpoints, what evidence supports the use of comprehensive sex ed rather than abstinence-only? And what about the other way around: are there ways abstinence-only is better? Ultimately we need to understand the specific position you’re taking, and why you’re taking it, and this draft isn’t there just yet. There are also, again, major issues with citation. Most of the second paragraph on p. 2 comes word for word, without attribution, from source material. You really have to be careful about this. Keep working on research—read lots of arguments, especially—and focus on finding ways to support your position. – unsatisfactory

Are these parents willing to take time out of their busy schedule to sit their children down and have a one - on -one conversation with their child about sex? Do they themselves know all there is to know about sex and are up-to-date on STD's and contraceptives? A child may not feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex leading them to rush their parents through the conversation and not fully grasping the ideas on information their parents are trying to get across to them. If they were in school being taught, amongst friends, they would be forced to listen plus they might feel comfortable enough to ask questions pertaining to things they may not understand. Teachers went through college to get a degree in teaching; parents didn't unless they themselves are a teacher. Parents would be more likely...

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