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Sex Education Should in Public Schools

By hellokitty4lyf Oct 25, 2012 769 Words
Sex Education in Public Schools

Sex is a major part of life in today’s society. When it comes to our youth, the subject becomes a dreaded matter that most people like to forget than confront. But whether it is in advertisements, books, or a regular conversation on television, sex is a subject people rarely find awkward to endure. But the problem with this observation is that children tend to look in all the wrong places for the important information. Some things should be taught by parental guardians, role models, or personal figures in the child’s life. This is why sex education should not be taught in schools.

“Most sexual education classes are taught as a brief interlude during a physical or health education class. This is not enough time to effectively relate such serious material.” (Stover 2) Sex education is a very delicate subject at hand, and because of this, it should not be taught by someone who is not a significant person in the child’s life. A parental guardian, or personal figure should teach sex education. These are the people that the child not only trusts, but has been around their entire life. These are the people that know the personal values they wish to instill in their child, as well as how they want their child to live. Certain people are taught by their parents that premarital sex is acceptable, and some are taught that abstinence is key. Regardless of the position, a teacher cannot specialize the lesson plan for each student’s personal outlooks. “The attitudes of parents, educators, or religious leaders in the community can cause the subject matter to vary from state-to-state, or even school-to-school”. This was a quote taken from an internet article that supports the theory that sex education should be kept out of schools. Teachers are trained to do their jobs to the best of their ability, but no matter the situation teaching, like many careers, is a talent. Some teachers aren’t as talented as others, and this could cause a problem for many subjects, especially sex education. “Teachers are not always trained how to properly teach sexual education courses and they transgress their own beliefs or morals into the subject rather than sticking with the facts.” ( If a teacher cannot relay a message pertaining to sexual intercourse it could alter the students’ whole outlook on their sexual life. This could lead to many problems in the way they perceive sex. At that adolescent age, many things can easily sway a child’s thoughts for years to come. That is why it is very imperative to be mindful of the things you instill in a child’s mind. Such a delicate subject should not be in the hands of just anyone, but someone who is an important figure in the child’s life.

The opposition may have many reasons why sex education is important in schools. “Students can be taught the correct terms of the reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases and birth contraceptives rather than the “street lingo” ( They may say such things that many students don’t have proper parental guardians to teach them, and that school is the only way that they can learn about it. Also, they can say that students spend most of their time at school around teachers and that they would feel more comfortable being exposed to that kind of information around them than anyone. Even though these are very valid points, they still do not change the fact that this topic is too sensitive for public schools. Teaching sex education can cause a conflict between church and state. Schools are not allowed to teach religious views nor can they teach controversial topics that go against them. If a teacher were to talk about sex education and just teach abstinence, it could cause a legal issue, and in the same token a parent could be very upset that a teacher taught there child sex before marriage is alright.

“Often, sexual education can go against an individual’s morals, or religious beliefs. Many schools do not teach abstinence only. But teach how to have intercourse safely, whereas many religious and family values stress marriage before intercourse” (USA Today 2). Sex education is a sacred issue. The intimacy of the subject should not be shared with just anyone because of the seriousness of the matter. It is important to shape and mold a child’s mind so that it emulates the right values the parents wish to bestow upon them. This should be in the right hands to ensure a bright future.

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