Sex Education for Teens on Social Media

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, Human sexuality Pages: 5 (1175 words) Published: April 23, 2014

How Does the Media Affect Teen Sex?
Collins, R. L., Elliott, M. N., Berry, S. H., Kanouse, D. E., & Hunter, S. B. (2003). Entertainment television as a healthy sex educator: The impact of condom-efficacy information in an episode of Friends. Pediatrics, 112(5), 1115-1121. Retrieved from EBSCO host database. In this article a study was conducted after an episode of “Friends”, in which a condom failed and resulted in a pregnancy. Several teens were researched after watching the episode. It was discovered that more than half of the teens studied remembered that the condom resulted in failure and that the teens who watched the episode with a parent reported that condoms are not totally effective. This journal article is particularly useful in representing how television influences the views of “safe” sex of teens. It establishes that television can in fact alter the views of teens and safe sex; in this case the outcome was a positive effect. Hart, M. E., Teens, sex, and media. Media Lit Ed, 4-6. Retrieved from According to the article the showing of casual sex in the media gives adolescents the idea that it is acceptable and popular. It also reflects that it is done just for pleasure or recreation. The fact that negative outcomes are rarely shown makes teens think nothing will happen. Little sexual content in the media rarely reflects safe sex practices or the risks associated. The most popular music for teens involves sexual reference and does not refer to negative outcomes. The content influences their perceptions and most teens imitate the sexual behavior portrayed instead of consulting adults. Teens who watch more sexual content have negative thoughts about being a virgin. This is significant in demonstrating that if teens have negative thoughts about abstinence that they will be more likely to engage in it, and it is helpful in asserting that the media does alter teens’ sexual behavior. Jones, S. (2006, March 26). Media “influence” adolescent sex. The Guardian. Retrieved from The article affirms there is a relationship between the amount of exposure to sexual content in the media and their initiation into early sex. It states how the media makes teens perceive that teen sex is normal. Sexual content in the media as well, hardly portrays the negative outcomes of early teen sex. It explains how some adolescents participate in sex because they think it the normal thing to do. Most of their information about sex is received from the media. However, the media does not always give the straight facts. The article goes into detail about a study that found that in magazines, music, and television, teens were exposed to, the intercourse portrayed was between unmarried couples and that the use of contraception was hardly seen. It states that teens commonly use the media as their source of sex knowledge. This is helpful in showing that the media can misinform teens on the reality of sex. Park, A. (2008, November 16). Sex on TV increases teen pregnancy, says report. Time. Retrieved from,8599,1855842,00.html. The article describes a study that found that teen girls exposed to the most sexual content were twice as likely to become pregnant. Not only become pregnant but before they reached 20 years of age. They are twice as likely as other teen girls exposed to less sexual content on television. The study was conducted on teens between the ages of 12-17 and between the years of 2002-2004. The article links possible factors, the fact that television glamorizes sex and that most times it does not portray safe sex. The article was...
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