Sex Education at School level

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Controversial Essay on Sex Education at School level

To subjugate a nation or a country destroy its literature, its history and above all its culture. This is what the English men do to tighten the bonds of slavery on India. And we Indians are making merry over the ruins of our ancient culture and civilization. Our Rishis who were scholars, thinkers, preachers, philosophers and warriors as well had divided human life into four periods. According to them average expectance of life in India was 100 years. First twenty five years period was meant for physical, literary and spiritual education, second thirty five years i.e. up to the age of sixty years were meant for family life then Vanprasth and finally sanyas. For the first twenty five years one and the foremost and compulsory principle was “Brhamcharya” meaning self restraint over sexual feelings. A Brahmchari who was primarily a student, a vidyarthi and a pupil of the Guru would never think in terms of sex. He was taught not to distinguish between male and female. To him all females were either mothers or sisters. He was forced to believe that breasts of a lady are but a loath of flesh and fat, a sort of deformity not a center for attraction. And with this type of education we have the proud privilege of having great personalities like Swami Ram Kishna Paramhans, Swami Vivekanda, Swami Ram Terth, Subhash Chand Bose, Swami Dayanand, Jagat guru Shankracharya not in distant past while great men like Bhishma Pitamah of prehistoric days. Even today we have a number of leaders both male and female who have followed the sacred path of Brahamcharya and are outstanding personalities in every field of life. The names of our president A. P. T. Abdul Kalam and Atal Behari Vajpayee ex. Prime minister may be cited as examples. Now under the influence of western civilization there is a talk of imparting sex education at school level. A simple question to the advocates of sex education? Sex in not a characteristic of human...
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