Sex Education

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 40 (11371 words) Published: December 14, 2010
The Role of Sex Education in Opposing the Effects of Pornography

Agramon, Krizia Anne
Enriquez, Astro Jake
Galang, Gino George
Ocampo, Soleandrea


Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
In English 04 (Research Methods and Application)
College of Arts and Sciences
San Beda College Mendiola, Manila


The thesis attached hereto, entitled “The Role of Sex Education in Opposing the Effects of Pornography”, prepared and submitted by Krizia Anne Agramon, Astro Jake Enriquez, Gino George Galang, and Soleandrea Ocampo, in partial fulfillment of the requirements in English 04 (Research Methods and Application) is hereby accepted.

Carissa C. Cabaysa
Thesis Adviser



The researchers wish to extend their heartfelt gratitude to the following persons:



Approval Sheetp. 2
Dedicationp. 3
Acknowledgementp. 4
Abstractp. 5
Table of Contentsp. 6-8
List of Tables and Figuresp. 9

Background of the Studyp.
Statement of the Problemp.
Significance of the Studyp.
Scope and Delimitation of the Studyp.

Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworkp.
Review of Related Literaturep.
Sex Educationp.
Philippine Sexualityp.
A Brief History of Sex Education in the Philippinesp. Recent Legislation and Related Current Eventsp.
Stand of Parents in Implementing Sex Educationp.
Stand of the Church in Implementing Sex Educationp. Stand of Educators inImplementing Sex Educationp.

Conceptual Frameworkp.
Research Hypothesisp.
Definition of Termsp.

Research Designp.
Sources of Datap.
Data Gathering Instrumentsp.
Data Gathering Proceduresp.
Data Analysis Procedurep.

Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Datap.

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendationsp.



Chapter I

Background of the Study

In light of the talks and debates in 2010 about the Reproductive Health Bill and the action of the Department of Education to adopt sex education in school curricula, people have been clamoring various actions to enforce the ideals of this bill, to protest the bill itself, and prevent the implementation of sex education classes. According to Rep. Edcel Lagman (2010) in his article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, one of the aims of the Reproductive Health Bill is to provide sexual education.

The effect of these sex education classes on adolescent’s view of the morality of pornography is the primary concern of the research. Pornography, as far as the researchers know, is an actuation that is present in the life of adolescent males and females. Pornography is rampant in media (print and electronic), and thus gains wide audiences and adolescents are able to obtain such pornographic materials easily.

Media is increasingly getting more space in the lives of our youth. Children these days learn sex on media. Most children are already knowledgeable about sex through various print and electronic media. (Calasagsag, 1996) This finding is supported by the YAFS 3, which reported mass media as the new surrogate parent (2000 State of the Philippine Population Report 2nd Edition : PINOY YOUTH: Making Choices, Building Voices ,Commission of Population). The McCann-Erickson study (2000) found that the media has become the determining factor to what is perceived as right, wrong, and important. Among the youths from and living in the NCR are those who show...

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