sex education

Topics: Prison, Life imprisonment, Murder Pages: 4 (892 words) Published: January 3, 2014

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Title Page



Statement of Problem

The conflict in the story is Man vs. Man. It is Man vs. Man because the young lawyer and the banker had trouble between death penalty and imprisonment for life. Until the banker gave an offer which composed of two million. If the young lawyer will be stayed and survive for fifteen years. After fifteen years the lawyer proved that the imprisonment for life is better than death penalty.


Definition of Terms

caprice- n.- a sudden usually unpredictable condition, change, or series of changes  compulsory- adj. Required by law or a rule; obligatory.
frivolous- adj. Not having any serious purpose or value
lodge- n.  A cottage or cabin, often rustic, used as a temporary abode or shelter mirage – n. Something that appears real or possible but is not. reckoning- n. The action or process of calculating or estimating something speculation-n. Assumption of unusual business risk in hopes of obtaining commensurate gain trifle- n. something of little importance or value

utterly- adj. Carried to the utmost point or highest degree
zealously- adj. feeling or showing strong and energetic support for a person

Interpretational Analysis

Nowadays, each of us needs money because life is very complicated. Other people believe that...

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