Sex, Drugs and Killings: Negative Effects of Hip Hop Music

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Negative Affects of Hip-Hop Music - Term Papers - Nikki0405

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Negative Affects of Hip-Hop Music - Term Papers - Nikki0405

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H i hop m usi has been an i egralpartoft Am eri pc nt he can culure si t nce t 1970s.H i hop m usi w hi encom passes rappi di j he pc, ch ng, sc ockeyi ng, break danci and graf iiw rii has becom e so popul t ng, ft tng, ar hatAm eri can culure has adopt t m usi i m ai ream f t ed he cn nst ashi and m odern on l anguage. The confi on w het lct her hi hop m usi i “ or poi pc s art son”has been contnuous. Som e Am eri i cans supporthi hop as an essentalart pi day w ih over 1, t 100, 000 m odelessays St udyM ode. com i t w eb' s he s l eadi l ng earni t . ng ool W ei nspi m ilons ofst re li udent every s

f orm ,w hie ot l hers di sput t e hathi hop has harm f ef ect on t pul f s he Am eri can culure.The culure associ ed w ih t m usi has drastcaly t t at t he c i l changed.The m arketng executves f i i requenty seek outt hi hop l he partst f prom otonalpurposes because oft r w i i s or i hei despread audi ence. I t n oday’ culure,hi hop m usi af ect t yout popul i above al. s t pc f s he h aton l H i hop m usi has negatvel af ect t Am eri pc i y f ed he can culure,pri ariy t t m l he yout by prom otng il h, i legalactvii vi entbehavi and sexual i tes, ol or, prom i t scuiy. Young Am eri cans are hi y at ract t t il ghl t ed o he legalactvii prom ot by i tes ed hi hop m usi St i i l m ostyoung peopl purchase t m usi and pc. atstcaly, e he c, adoptt lf yl port he iest e rayed i t l cs.Through t evi on,m usi n he yri el si c vi deos,and ot her vi sualm edi f a orm s,hi hop artst are port ng pi s rayi negatve st i ereot ypes and actng i a m anner t i n hatprom ot corrupton. es i These negatve m essages condone t il i he legaluse ofal cohol t ,...
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