Sex Discrimination Still Exists in Society. Discuss.

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6. Sex discrimination still exists in society. Discuss.

For sex discrimination, we mean a difference of judgment between two different elements, in particular between a man and a woman. Unfortunately, sex discrimination is still a plague of our days. Everyday we watch and hear news about this phenomenon that, without any shadow of doubt, should not exist anymore; what is more, especially at work, sex discrimination is really notable.

A few years ago, the woman was not considered at the same level of a man, in fact she was not able to vote, so to decide the destiny of her nation, and she was restricted at work and also at home. They used to be educated, since they were kids, as perfect housewives who were able to resolve every problem at home and also were able to take care and to grow up their sons and daughters. At the same time, they had restriction at work: the major part of jobs was forbidden to girls. It was rare to see a girl in a university rather than in a hospital, as a doctor. What is more, we can see a sex discrimination also in another dimension as well as job: political dimension. In politics, although in some nations such as Germany, we can see a woman head of state, in other country, like Italy for example, women are often in minority and not considered with the same relevance of men. However, this situation is getting better thanks to a re-education that starts from the school, so we start to see more women at important positions of our state.

But what has led and brought to this discrimination? Without any doubt, the figure of the woman as an object, without ideas who is seen only as a sexual desire for men, that companies and TV suggest, has influenced our opinions. Moreover, new generations, nowadays, are constantly under “attack” from dangerous and wrong models that change their ideas and do not allow a correct child's education. What is more, girls see wrong models to follow on television and nobody minds protecting the figure of the...
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