Sex Deferences Essay 0711

Topics: Male, Sex, Gender Pages: 4 (1137 words) Published: March 17, 2015
Shenni Wang
English 0711 Section 003
Professor Elijah
Feb. 2 2015
Essay #1
Strong Claim V.S. Weak Evidence
It is a stereotype that men and women use the different language pattern. Is it still a popular belief today? In the article “Sex Differences”, Ronald Macaulay claims male and female are using same format of language. Generally, people think the way women speak is indirect and hinted and men always speak languidly and rudely. Macaulay forcefully believes the difference between men and women does not exist. Although Macaulay’s claims are strong, his argument is not persuasive by weak evidences and his confusing tone.

Macaulay has a very strong claim, which is sex differences in linguistic topic do not exist. For instance, in the beginning of the article, Macaulay claims making a sex difference in linguistic topic is ridiculous and he disagree with Otto Jespersen’s article “The Women”. In the reading, he writes “It is almost unfair to quote directly but event in the 1920s Jespersen should have know better, particularly since he lived in Denmark where have traditionally shown an independent spirit” (Macaulay 308). In other words, in the 1920s, female already had independent thought and the book Jespersen writes has a prejudice about women’s speaking. I think this is a strong claim. In one hand, Macaulay’s attitude is very intense. He thinks Jespersen has wrong thought about women, which is totally ridiculous and unfair. Otherwise, Macaulay says independent thought helps women to develop their speaking habit. As a result, this quotation presents Macaulay’s claim clearly. In addition, Macaulay mentions although some social factors cause women and men speak in a different way, the biology cannot cause difference to the language pattern. For example, boys are more disorders than girls. And women’s voice pitch is higher than men’s. “However, there may be social influence on this physiological difference.” In addition, Macaulay says “even scholars...
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