Sex and the City

Topics: Sexual orientation, Gender, Sociology, LGBT, Transgender, Social class / Pages: 1 (368 words) / Published: Sep 1st, 2015
Arlencia Neely
March 2, 2014
Rereading Sex and the City
Rebecca Brasfield Rebecca talks about all the ways, the HBO series, Sex and the City feeds in to the hegemonic feminist narrative. She says that this show is a perfect example of how hegemonic feminism operates. The show is centered around a group of White women who are all oppressed by patriarchy. The aim is for them to become equals to the white men in society. The narrative develops them while exploiting marginalized groups. White feminist forget that there are more things to consider that just gender. Race, sexual preference, class, and age all fall under their radar. When people of color appear on the show, they are one-dimensional characters based off stereotypes. The people of color play out their stereotype and the main characters respond by saying they don't see color. This strips the characters of their racial identity and ignores the fact that race and race issues exist. They use people of color merely to perpetuate stereotypes and to move the storyline along. Transgender women are used in the show to solidify biological women's place in the social hierarchy. They are sure to make it clear that the trans women in the show have not yet had bottom surgery which means they are not yet women. Making this distinction allows them to "put them in their place". They are the "real" women and therefore better than the trans women. They are unable to accept people that don't meet their social norms as far as sexual identity and preference. Instead of trying to provide understanding for these situations, they reject them and show intolerance. They also exploit queer people on the show. Bisexuality was presented in all the stereotypical ways on the show. They were overly sexual, perceived to be gay people who didn't want to come out, and indecisive. This reduces bisexuality to a phase. This is a generalization that screams heterosexism. They exploit the working class, Miranda finds out the man she's seeing

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