Sex and the City

Topics: Sex and the City, Marriage, Television program Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: February 10, 2014

Sex and the City
When television shows first came about, sex was a subject that was hardly ever brought up. Shows would not even make the viewer come to the idea that the shows characters had sex. Today, television shows rarely go one episode without showing some kind of sexual act. Sex plays a major role in television. Many people believe that sex sells and the more sex there is the higher the ratings along with more viewers. One television show that changed women around the country and the way they felt about sex was Sex and the City. I think there is more to it. Women all around the world constantly watch that show, we watch it for the amusement and for those thirty minutes where we actually think that their lives are much more hectic and chaotic then our own. Each one of us has a certain character that we see ourselves in, whether it is a vogue matriarch or just a girl trying to have it all. Carrie, the main character, writes a sex column about her daily relationship with men in a top magazine company. She is a known shopaholic who is after the famous bachelor Mr. Big, her main weakness. Throughout the seasons they each cheat on each other and have constant heartache but always find a way back to the other. Women of all ages can relate to this, we are all hoping to catch the eye of our lover and have it all. There are bumps along the way like all relationships but with the help of Carrie’s three friends, she can conquer anything, even if it is the big apple.

Charlotte, the m ore reserved friend of the four, is constantly juggling family life while trying to conceive her first child. After going through a nasty divorce she struggled to find “Mr. Right”. But being the youngest of the group, she was the most idealistic about romance and love even though she suffered heartbreak with her first marriage. She later fell in love with her divorce lawyer and together they adopted. Charlotte relates to those who have struggled with divorce and carrying a...
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