sex and gender

Topics: Gender, Transgender, Gender role Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: April 1, 2014
The differences between sex and gender are commonly misinterpreted in today’s society. Sex and gender have a massive impact on the way one is perceived, viewed by others and behaves. To simply define these two terms can be difficult for some people due to the fact that most people continuously interchange the word without using its correct meaning. I think it is important to clarify the differences in these concepts because it could help reduce discrimination, stereotypes and imposed social roles. To me the word sex is used to describe physical and biological characteristics that distinguish males from females. Characteristics such as body structure, voice, facial hair and genitalia are all used to determine ones sex. Sex is something one is born with and is continuous. In terms of sex, there are certain biological factors that distinguish men from women such as the ability to give birth and breast feed babies. Many times sex determines a person’s gender identity. Gender is a much more difficult word to define due to the constant change in social norms. I believe gender is the word used to describe the social and cultural definition of men and women. It deals with masculinity and femininity and the roles a person plays in their society. It is decided by the individual and is also changeable. Gender norms, the way one was raised, sexual preference and individual choice are all factors that help an individual determine their gender. In today’s culture it has become more socially acceptable for men to show interest in things associated with women and women to show interest in things associated with men. Gender involves self-identification and self-expression, the way you think about yourself and the way you define yourself. A person’s gender can involve many characteristics such as hair, makeup, interests, activities and behaviors. Working at my job there is a regular customer who biologically is a man. When checking in she gives us her first name,...
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