Sex and College Students

Topics: Human sexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior Pages: 9 (3361 words) Published: March 10, 2010
Brent Mullins
Dr. Lageman
Research Paper
March 27,2008
Sex and College Students

The purpose of this paper is to identify the circumstances associated with casual sex encounters. I found that casual sex is

 a common occurrence related to early sexual transition, engaging in first sex with a casual sex partner, drug use, and alcohol consumption. Casual sex occurred more often between "friends" than with strangers. 

 The transition to adulthood is a time of exploration and experimentation, and behavior patterns that will impact their emotional functioning and health as adults. The journey to adulthood often includes experimentation with sexual behaviors: the majority of adolescents first engage in intercourse before they graduate high school. I found that first intercourse experiences occurred in a romance for the majority of young people. Those who begin having intercourse at younger ages are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse with casual partners. 70% of college students report having engaged in intercourse with people they did not find romantic.

 Casual sexual relationships or encounters are referred to by a variety of names in research literature. In research these relations have been referred to as "chance encounters", "one-night stands" and "casual sex." Casual sexual relationships can be sexual interludes with strangers or they can be sex with a friend. They can be brief or long in duration. 

Regardless of terminology, all are describing sexual relationships in which the partners do not define the relationship as romantic or their partner as a boyfriend or girlfriend. These meetings are often superficial, based on sexual desire or physical

 attraction, spontaneous, and often impulsive, and they frequently involve drugs or alcohol. Broadening research to examine the

 context and full spectrum of sex behaviors of adolescents is important to the development of effective education programs and clinical interventions, 

as some adolescents may use oral sex as a substitution for intercourse by defining oral sex as "not having sex". 

 There is abundant evidence that gender is an important factor in casual sex participation, as males have consistently

 been found to have significantly more casual sex partners than females. For females, however, emotional investment is far more 

important, and sexual intercourse is often rewarding in contexts that command intimacy and emotional commitment. 

Females may comply and engage in sexual behavior with a casual sex partner if they believe or want the relationship

 to evolve into a new romance. Females tend to have more restrictive attitudes toward casual sex. They are often more 

partner- or relationship-conscious and may romanticize about their partners even when they do not know them well. It is this

 perception that may lead them to engage in sexual behavior with a partner before a relationship is established. When males comply with sex

 in a casual relationship, their motivation is often to increase their sexual experience, peer status, or popularity. On the other hand, females were more likely 

to comply with sex in a casual relationship to satisfy their partner or to increase intimacy in a potential relationship. 

 Individuals appear to have a variety of styles or approaches to relationships. Lee developed a series of ethnographic 

studies to assess love relationships. Following these analyses, Lee identified several love styles or approaches to interpersonal relationships: Eros (passionate love), Ludus (game-playing love), Storge (friendship love), Pragma (practical love), Mania (neurotic love), and Agape (altruistic love). These styles or approaches to relationships may influence the likelihood or risk of engaging in casual sexual relationships. Of particular interest are the Ludic and the Eros lovers. 

 Ludic lovers are in it for the game or conquest. They generally enter their romances with no intention of commitment. They will frequently...
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