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Introduction to Physical Science

A Comparison between LGU-Run Facility in
Alabel and the Private-Owned Facility in

Wastewater treatment and proper disposal is an integral part of our need to protect and preserve our natural water resources as well as general public health. Pollution coming from industries and even our homes which stems from the rapid urbanization and industrialization poses significant health risks and long-term economic consequences for the Philippines.

Recognizing this problem, the Congress of the Philippines enacted in 2004 Republic Act 9275 otherwise known as the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, an act providing for a comprehensive water quality management and for other purposes. Under this law, the State shall pursue a policy of economic growth in a manner consistent with the protection, preservation and revival of the quality of our fresh, brackish and marine waters. Although equipped with a good law, wastewater management still remains a problem in the Philippines. According to the World Bank, only 6 out of 115 Philippine cities have sewerage systems, resulting in a high incidence of water-borne diseases responsible for over 30% of all reported illness from 1996-2000, and P2.3 billion a year in lost income. Annual economic losses caused by water pollution are estimated at P67 billion. These include P3 billion for health, P17 billion for fisheries production and P47 billion for tourism. Nearly 22.2 million metric tons of organic pollution is produced annually by domestic (48%), agricultural (37%) and industrial (15%) sectors; up to 58% of groundwater for drinking is contaminated with coliform bacteria. More than 90% of the sewage generated is not disposed or treated in an environmentally acceptable manner. Septic tanks alone are not environmentally acceptable. In Asian cities, Metro Manila ranks second to the lowest in providing piped sewerage system. Only 7% of...
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