Topics: Manicure, Nail care, Pedicure Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Rafael Audric F. Imperial
ServQual Audit

Product Elements


Price & Other Cost Considerations


Place, Time & Cyberspace


Promotion & Education


Productivity & Quality




Physical Evidence




1) Product Elements

I went Nailfinity, inc. in Taft Avenue and I had a pedicure. The product elements were the chairs, nail cutter, nail file, nail shiner and nail polish. There is a footrest for every seat that is used for customers who will avail pedicure and foot spa.

2) Price & Other Cost Considerations

I spent 142.50 pesos for the pedicure. In terms of transportation, I didn’t spend any because I was at taft. I went there during my break.

3) Place, Time & Cyberspace

The location of Nailfinity is very convenient for me since it is located near school. The place was open from 10am – 8pm .I went there at around 12 in the afternoon and there are a few people inside. For cyberspace, I haven’t seen any promotion or ad by the establishment in the internet or any social media sites. I knew the place because my friend told me that they offer nice services and the price is affordable.

4) Promotion & Education

There are a few posters of the products that were present inside the establishment that show promos that customers can avail. For promotions outside the establishment, I haven’t seen any. I only knew about the place because that’s where my friend usually goes.

5) Productivity & Quality

The service, overall, is very satisfactory for me. The seats were comfortable and there are magazines offered for customers waiting and for customers who are having their pedicure, manicure etc. The only thing that I didn’t like was tea given to customers for free but the people working in the establishment didn’t inform us about it.

6) Process

When I went inside the place, the employees told us to wait because there are a lot...
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