Severity of Sports Concussions

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Severity of Sports Concussion
The sports concussion is a brain injury that athletes suffer in many different sports. This injury is caused by trauma to the brain, which is cause by a blow to an athlete’s head. The different types of concussions are broken up into three different grades. The grades include mild, moderate, and severe. The different grades share most of the same effects caused by the concussion. The major difference in the concussions is the seriousness of the effects. The recovery time is dependent on the severity of the concussion and the amount of concussions. The concussion is one of the most serious types of injuries and one of the most common. Introduction

A concussion is one of the major types of injuries in sports today. In one year, there are almost 300,000 concussions in football alone (Fisher 260). Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and concussions are frequent in this sport (Al-Kashmiri 189). The concussion is caused by trauma to the brain from a collision. This paper is going to be a review of three different articles that go into detail about sports concussions. The review is going to go into detail about the different grades of concussions and the effects that are caused by them. The concussion has different grades, based on the effects, that are caused by trauma to the brain. The grades are broken up into mild, moderate, and severe concussions. The concussion such a impact on the brain, that they require time to recover from. Each different grade of concussion has a different time table for recovery.

The concussion is an injury that can cause serious damage to an athlete’s brain. It is important to be able to recognize when an athlete has suffered such a injury. The review of these articles can show someone how to recognize different types of concussions and the effects that they have on an athlete. This review will show how long the athlete should be allowed to recover before returning to the sport. Mild Concussion

A mild sports concussion is a concussion that has a slight noticeable effect on a person’s mental state for a short period of time. An athlete might miss interpret is a noticeable difference between a headache and a mild concussion. When an athlete receives a mild concussion you should notice that they are acting a bit differently. For example, the athlete might me staggering back to the sideline or they might talk very slowly or clearly. The athlete might be a little bit confused about things or might look lost (Patel 675). The effects of a mild concussion are slightly noticeable and are recovered from in a short period of time (Patel 675). In some cases of mild concussion, an athlete might suffer from amnesia (Fisher 262). Amnesia will result in some memory loss in a mild concussion, however it shouldn’t last long. An athlete might forget what sideline the team is on or might forget where they are supposed to line up, but this is recovered from in just a few minutes. There are some effects that a mild concussion can have on an athlete, and it can be something as simple as dizziness and confusion. An athlete might be acting strangely and not really know what is going on. In a mild concussion this is going to be a slight effect that someone should be able to notice (Fisher 261). The confusion symptom is an apparent effect that can be clearly noticed, when an athlete suffers a concussion. It is important that the athlete is taken the right precaution and taken out of the game. It is important that a mild concussion is noticed, so that there isn’t a second occurrence of concussion before recovering. The first occurrence of a concussion will make it more than likely chance that it will happen again, if the athlete doesn’t have time recover (Fisher 262). Recovery Time of a Mild Concussion

The recovery time for a mild concussion is how long it takes the athlete to no longer show symptoms of a concussion. For instance, the...
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