Seventh day Adventist Beliefs

Topics: Christian terms, Meaning of life, Government Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Andrea De La Cruz
Christian Beliefs
October 21, 2014
SDA 163-179 (R9)
The central point in this chapter is the Church. It talks about the nature of the church and how it’s referred to as many metaphoric descriptions, for example the church as a body, as a bride, and as a family. It also talks about the organization and the government of the church, which is basically how the church should run and explains the different officers and roles of the church. But most importantly Christ is the main authority when it comes to who the head of the church is. Something that was new to me was the distinction between two churches, the visible and the invisible church. I learned the difference between the two. And that is, that the visible church is Gods organized church that fulfills Christ’s great commission and the invisible church is the church universal, all of Gods people through out the world. Another thing that I found new to me was that church means a calling out in Greek. I never new that’s what the meaning of church was. The idea that I most identified with was the metaphoric description of the church as a family. Even though its referred to metaphorically I can still relate to it because my church back home is very much like a family. We always fellowship together and we are always caring for each other just like a real family would do. We love and respect each other, and kinds of people are welcome to join.
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