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Study Skills Module
Reflection and PDP Proforma

Susan Ogunjobi
Student ID
Programme of Study
Oil and Gas Management
Date Commenced
Study Skills Lecturer
Jeff Burke

1. Review of Initial Self Assessment

This final self-assessment questionnaire should be completed in consideration with the Initial Self Assessment you did at the start of the semester. For each question, rate yourself according to the following scale:

Please circle the number which best represents your answer:

Now, compare your answers from your Initial Self Assessment. Ask yourself: Has any significant change been achieved?

When I first completed the initial self-assessment, I was unaware of any habits which I may have developed over the years which could affect my ability to succeed, I gave this a 5 on the scale. Since completing the assessment, I was able to identify my bad habits and problem areas thus allowing me to work towards eradicating them by practice and I am now confident enough to score this a 1. At the beginning of the semester I was apprehensive about working in groups and teams, the initial assessment helped me recognise this and I was able to plan ahead and practice presentations well before the deadline in order to work cohesively with my peers, I can now score this a 1, an improvement from my initial score of 4. What issues have you discovered with the Initial Self Assessment?

After the completion of the initial self-assessment I discovered that I didn’t have any significant learning styles when completing assignments or undergoing revision, because of this I scored this part 4, due to this I have been researching different learning styles and asking friends what I can do to improve this; I am currently working towards a score of 1. “Being able to handle the reading my degree demands”; which I scored a 3, allowed me to realise that due to being out of education for such a long time, I was unsure whether this would become an apparent problem. I am presently working towards making sure this does not become a difficult mission throughout my degree. What issues have you discovered with your PDP?

Completing my PDP allowed me to understand the importance of prioritising workload over social activities and in some cases, employment. I am, at this time working towards effectively thinking before acting in order to make sure social activities do not interfere with school work. Before completing my PDP I was unaware that managing my stress levels was actually a challenge, the PDP has allowed me to plan out a step by step process on how to achieve a calm nature before deadlines such as using revision techniques in preparation for exams. What have been the key areas of learning from the past semester in terms of your personal development?

During the past semester I have been able to learn how to work with a group on a presentation; this was my first time being faced with such task. I was able to use my transferable skills from my work background to interact with my peers and learnt the art of patience, listening and understanding. I was also able to learn how to obtain more confidence in myself before and during a presentation. This was an essential experience specifically because it was a personal area for development.

2. SWOT Analysis
– Internal Factors:
Underlying reasons
What do you do well?
What unique resources can you draw on?
What do others see as your strengths?

Through my various work experiences, I have been able to permit various skills such as responsibility, working as part of a team and being a team leader. This will come as an advantage when I am placed in a work environment or faced with group work at university; I will be...
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