Setup Team with Broadcom Nic

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Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Teaming Services


Version 1.1

Dell Inc.
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Table of Contents

1Executive Summary4
1.1Key Definitions and Acronyms4
1.2Teaming Concepts5
1.2.1Network Addressing5
1.2.2Teaming and Network Addresses5
1.2.3Description of teaming modes6 Load Balancing (SLB)7 Trunking8 Aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad LACP)8
1.3Software Components9
1.4Hardware Requirements10
1.4.1Repeater Hub10
1.4.2Switching Hub10
1.5Supported Teaming by OS10
1.6Utilities for Configuring Teaming by OS11
1.7Supported Features by Team Type12
1.8Selecting a team type14
2Teaming Mechanisms15
2.1.1Outbound Traffic Flow15
2.1.2Inbound Traffic Flow (SLB Only)16
2.1.3Protocol support17
2.1.4Performance17 Benchmarks17
2.2Teaming Modes19
2.2.1Switch Independent19 Load Balancing and Failover19
2.2.2Switch Dependent20 Static Trunking20 Trunking (IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation)21 2.3Driver Support by Operating System21
2.4Supported Teaming Speeds23
3Teaming and Other Advanced Networking Features24
3.1Checksum Offload24
3.2IEEE 802.1p QoS Tagging24
3.3Large Send Offload24
3.4Jumbo Frames25
3.5IEEE 802.1Q VLANs25
3.6Wake On LAN25
3.7Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)25
4General Network Considerations26
4.1Teaming across switches26
4.1.1Switch-Link Fault Tolerance26
4.2Spanning Tree Algorithm29
4.2.1Topology Change Notice30
4.2.2Port Fast / Edge Port30
4.3Layer 3 routing/switching31
4.4Teaming with Hubs (for Troubleshooting Purposes Only)31 4.4.1Hub usage in teaming network configurations31
4.4.2SLB Teams31
4.4.3SLB Team Connected to a Single Hub31
4.4.4Generic and Dynamic Trunking (FEC/GEC/IEEE 802.3ad)32 4.5Teaming with Microsoft NLB/WLBS32
5Application Considerations33
5.1Teaming and Clustering33
5.1.1Microsoft Cluster Software33
5.1.2High Performance Computing Cluster34 Features35
5.2Teaming and Network Backup36
5.2.1Load Balancing and Failover38
5.2.2Fault Tolerance40
6Troubleshooting Teaming Problems41
6.1Teaming Configuration Tips41
6.2Troubleshooting guidelines43
7Frequently Asked Questions44
8Appendix A- Event Log Messages47
8.1Windows System Event Log messages47
8.2Base Driver (Physical Adpater/Miniport)47
8.3Intermediate Driver (Virtual Adapter/Team)49

List of Figures

Figure 1. Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (Release 6.6 and 6.7)11 Figure 2. Process for Selecting a Team Type14
Figure 3. Intermediate Driver15
Figure 4. Teaming Across Switches Without a Inter-switch Link27 Figure 5. Teaming Across Switches With Interconnect28
Figure 6. Failover event29
Figure 7. Team Connected to a Single Hub32
Figure 8. Clustering With Teaming Across One Switch34
Figure 9. Clustering With Teaming Across Two Switches36
Figure 10. Network Backup without teaming37
Figure 11. Network Backup With SLB Teaming Across Two Switches41

List of Tables

Table 1. Glossary of Terms5
Table 2. Teaming Mode Selections Offered by Broadcom6
Table 3. Broadcom Teaming Software Component9
Table 4. Teaming Support by Operating System10
Table 5. Operating System Configuration Tools11
Table 6. Comparison of Teaming Modes13
Table 7. LACP Teaming Performance18
Table 8. Teaming Attributes by OS23
Table 9. Link Speeds in Teaming23
Table 10. Advanced Adapter Properties and Teaming24
Table 11. Base Driver Event Log Messages49
Table 12.Intermediate Driver Event Log Messages51

List of Graphs...
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