Settling Skills in a Preschool

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Month - 1
1 + 2 + 3
Observation 1 -> Observe the physical environment of the class. Observation 2 -> Settling and Separation Anxiety.
Observation 3 -> Settling Skills used by teachers.

Observe the physical environment of the class

Describe the physical environment of the classroom.
What learning centers would you set up in your classroom?
Added concepts that can be taught to enhance the learning centers. Factors that could provide a low stress free environment where children can play and learn happily. Recommendations / Conclusions.


1. Describe the physical environment of the classroom

The Classroom Environment
The physical environment of a preschool classroom has to be designed carefully to create the best place possible for the children. A well designed environment will have a significant impact to maximise the intellectual potential of the children in their formative years.

The Classroom
The classroom is rectangular in shape and big enough to accommodate 20 students. The classroom atmosphere is pleasant as the room is air conditioned. On one side of the classroom near the door there are hooks where children can hang there bags and water bottles. On the opposite side of the walls there are charts. On one chart there are photographs of children, name and date of birth. Next to it allergy chart of children was hung. List of snacks to be brought each day was also hung. Gayatri Mantra was also there on the wall next to charts. Activities done by the children were pinned on the wall like cat, bunny rabbit, sheep etc. On one side of the wall there is glass on upper half which was painted beautifully with the theme of "At the farm" and "Pet store". Cutout of farm animals and pet animals where stuck on they painted wall. The classroom had long wooden benches with no sharp corners in yellow, blue, green and red color. They are at a height appropriate for the children to sit. The teacher sat on low chair that were at the level of the children. A closet was there at the far end of the classroom corner to store all the equipment and toys.

Classroom Activity
The child student ratio is around 6:1.
Each child is received by the teacher with a big smile from the gate to the classroom. All the activities for the day are decided in advance. The teachers arrange all benches and toys before the children arrive in the classroom. The first activity scheduled for the day is free-play where children are allowed to play with pop up toys, hammer and pegs, beads maze, shape puzzles, kitchen set, plastic mega blocks, foam building blocks, chalk and slate, vehicles, shape sorter, stacking rings, pounding mortar and pestle, crayons and paper etc which help them to develop their gross motor skills. It also provides as a good distraction to the children as they have just separated from their mothers. Once there activity time is up, the all the teachers start singing "Its time to put your toys away" encouraging the students to help the teachers to put the toys in there respective boxes. The children follow the teacher and put their toys away. In no time the whole class is neat and all are set for nursery rhymes. The next activity scheduled is rhyme time. The teachers arrange the benches in semi circle with three chairs for the teacher at the centre. The teacher starts singing nursery rhymes like "Rolly Polly", "ABCD", "Little Peter Rabbit", "Bob Chicken", "Incy Wincy Spider" etc. Most of the children could recollect the actions of the rhymes and enjoy the rhyme time. One of the teacher takes care of children who are not yet fully settled by individually playing with them, with the toy of their choice. Next it's concept time wherein theme of the month is taught to children. Every month the head office defines a theme. The theme this month was "farm animals and at the pet store". During the concept time a pet or farm...
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