Settlement in Southeast Asia

Topics: Population density, Population, Southeast Asia Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Three general patterns of settlements can be commonly identified throughout the regions of Southeast Asia, depending on how well each country or area in the country are developed. The patterns of settlements show how buildings are arranged in the settlements. The three types of settlement patterns are: 1.Clustered

Clustered settlements are formulated by buildings being grouped together in a compact area due to rural conditions that resources such as water and electricity can be shared Some countries are so well-developed, yet with a shortage of land, that the entire country is fully packed with buildings. An example of such a country is Singapore. There are also countries with some areas that are much more urbanized than other areas. The entire area is closely clustered with buildings. A good example of such a pattern can be seen from Bangkok in Thailand. Dominant settlement patterns of most major cities in the world with high population densities are likely to result in clustering of buildings due to constraints of land resources. Urban settlements tend to be clustered as people in urban settlements are mainly involved in activities like business and manufacturing. All these require transportation and services. Thus, having settlements clustered together enables them to have easy access to transportation. Population density here is usually higher than in rural settlements and the incomes of people in urban settlements are usually higher than those in rural settlements as well. 2.Linear

Liner settlements can be found along main transport roads, railways, rivers or canals. Individual buildings are arranged in a linear pattern that takes after the structure of the transport road, making travelling easier for people living in the settlement. Such examples can be found in Philippines, along its main roads and in Vietnam, along its canal. Rural settlements tend to be linear and located along a river as rural settlements are mainly involved in activities such...
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