Setting Up a Network at a New Office

Topics: Structured cabling, Cable, Requirements analysis Pages: 5 (1105 words) Published: October 21, 2014
1.1 General
Setting up a new network at a new office will require the purchase of new workstations, installing a new server, or implementing network security and virus protection systems network wide. LC Comm primary goal is to translate the technology needs of your building into an industry standard solution that produces clear, tangible results for the business. It is also my goal to educate and help you understand some of the more technical aspects of your network upgrade by putting it into a simple, easy to comprehend. Network planning and network upgrades performed will follow the accepted best practices of successful installations. This process and my exclusive 100+ point project checklist ensures consistent results with zero or minimal disruption to your office during the course of the network planning, network upgrade, server installation or new computer installation. Since I place my highest values on consistent, reliable solutions for the long-term happiness and productivity of your office, you can feel confident I will only recommend proven network planning and network upgrades that will accomplish these goals and not those that are the "coolest" or "newest" at the time. An IT project is an endeavor with a definitive timeline (start date and end date) during which specific goals and objectives are met. Projects occur in addition to the regular maintenance of your network and technology equipment, and often emerge as a result of issues discovered during regular maintenance.  

1.2General Scope of Work
LC Comm. proposes to produce contract specifications and construction drawings for all building spaces as well as the communications cabling system. This will include the plan views of all equipment rooms, labs, MDF/IDFs and the elevation views of equipment racks and cabinets. In general, this includes the following: 1.2.1Participation in the design process. LC Comm will work with the Customer to validate space requirements and produce electrical and mechanical program requirements for all computer room and telecommunications facilities and equipment. This includes CAD plan drawings of computer room and telecommunications room equipment. It also includes CAD elevation drawings of the network and server cabinets. As a participant in the design team, these requirements and drawings will be conveyed to the architects and engineers for inclusion into the schematic drawings, the design development drawings and finalized in the construction documents. 1.2.2Assist Customer in designing the local and wide-area networking requirements. This includes any high-speed lines that will be required in the new main site and other locations. Full back up and redundancy is assumed. 1.2.3Assist Customer in placing all computer and network equipment on the drawings. 1.2.4Production of the building communications cabling systems requirements as may be required. These include the data structured cabling system for the building, bus & tag cable design should a large mainframe be involved and inter-cabinet cabling systems between the network and server cabinets. 2.0Specific Scope of Work

2.1Schematic Design
2.1.1Validate all space requirements for the technical areas associated with the data center complex. This includes but is not limited to the following: •Computer equipment area
Operations console area
Disk farm and tape robots
Network area
Server area
Printer and paper storage areas
Staging areas
Environmental systems on or under the raised floor area •Technical support areas outside of the raised floor area •Meeting rooms
Storage spaces

2.1.2Participate in the design and data gathering process to determine, produce or participate in the following: •Rough draft of computer and network equipment layouts
Discussion of adjacency requirements for the data center operating areas •Participate in discussions to determine facility design requirements •Participate in...
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