Setting Up an Office Network

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Ceylon Cleaners Pvt. Ltd is a leading provider of cleaning services for Companies, Hospitals and many institutions, which is based in Auckland, New Zealand. In order to run a smooth operation the company has closely to 700 employees. The company undertakes janitor services in most of the government and private companies and growing as more organizations are signing up with them. Due to the increased customer base the company has decided to move its operational task to Sri Lanka which is cheaper than operating in New Zealand. Due to this factor the company can be a very competitive and give low rates than the other companies. In this we discuss on how and what types of strategies to consider before implementing the Network.


At the present moment the company has its only branch based in Auckland which handles all the tasks from Administrative, Payroll the Customer support. The company gets a lot of phone calls from its customers and also from the supervisors on site. Also there are a lot of communications that are done through email. Also there are a lot of documentations that they keep online. So in order to have all these function to handle better the company has Mailing Service, FTP Service and File Sharing Service. The File Server is maintained by the company but the rest of the servers are maintained by vendors. At this moment the company has a network of 20 computers for the clerical staff to perform the day to day functionality.

At present the support staff has to answer the regular phone and import the time log manually. Server 2008 installed to microcomputer and it used for file server, terminal server and also used as domain controlling purposes, as you can see in the diagram below company rented mail server and FTP server services from vendors. Presently excising structure only spread in one local area network.

The new company which is going to start in Sri Lanka will be providing call center services as well as BPO services to the company’s customers and as well as the company laborers. Here the main company strategy will be to providing call center facilities to its customers who are in New Zealand, when they call for help like ordering equipment or to arrange another cleaner instead of them. All will he handled from the call center. When considering all these services that the company trying to provide there are several issues we face. * How to maintain a good quality call between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. * How to divert calls to computers which are located in Sri Lanka. * What are the problems we can face when using rented server services. * How to maintain a higher number of computers.

* How to divide bandwidth

The main challenge will be for maintaining the quality of the call, because ensuring the employees neither the customers facing trouble when communicating. There is another fact that we should keep an eye on that the bandwidth usage, what sort of a bandwidth we will need and how to allocate it. Other than that there aren’t much critical areas. Communication trough mails are available and even sharing facilities also there. So in a case of sharing some sort of a file it can be done easily.


The scope of this project is to come up with a new network system which will connect with different LANs. Also the Ceylon Cleaners need high bandwidth and trustful internet connection and a stable communication between the two offices, to ensure the punctuation of the company and to provide a quality service to the customers. In regards to this project expectation is to ensure a stable network and to ensure a very fast internet and intranet connections to make sure no such call get hold due to the connection speeds. Ensuring the call quality includes the below mentioned facts: * Crystal clear response to the callers end.

* No delays...

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