Setting Personal Goals

Topics: Goal, Want, Need Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: February 2, 2006
Setting Personal Goals
By Chris Joscelyne
Without personal goals life can be an aimless journey lacking positive direction and achievement. If your life is to follow a Positive Path you need a plan, and to establish a plan personal goals are necessary. Before you start setting your personal goals you need to consider what you want to achieve with your life. One mistake many people make is that their personal goals just relate to career pursuits rather than to all the important areas of life. This can lead to an unbalanced existence. To focus your personal goal setting on the various areas in your life, consider setting goals in each of the following categories. They are listed in alphabetical order for convenience, however where each goal category is ranked in importance is really up to the individual. „h Career

What is your chosen vocation? What level do you want to reach in your career, and by when?

„h Community Service
Do you want to help make the world a better place? If so, how?

„h Creative
Do you want to achieve any creative goals? If so, in what artistic pursuit?

„h Education
Is there any knowledge you want to acquire in particular? What information and skills will you need to achieve your other goals?

„h Family
Do you want to be a life partner and parent? If so, how are you going to do this well? What kind of relationship do you want with your partner, your children and other family members?

„h Financial
How much money do you want to earn at various stages of your life? What planning is required in order to accumulate wealth, use it wisely and share the benefits with those you choose?

„h Physical
Are there any fitness and sporting goals you want to achieve? What steps are you going to take to achieve this?

„h Recreation
How do you want to enjoy yourself? Are there any interests, hobbies, pastimes or social activities in which you want to be involved? Write down your goals in each of your categories and consider them...
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