Setting in a story

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Multiple Choice Questions
1. A collection of activities and elements organized to accomplish a goal. This is the definition of  A. information.
B. an organization.
C. programming.
D. a system.
2. In this phase of the systems life cycle, the new information system is installed and adapted to the new system, and people are trained to use it.  A. Systems implementation
B. Systems analysis
C. Systems design
D. Systems development
3. In this phase of the systems life cycle, new or alternative information systems are designed.  A. Systems maintenance
B. Systems analysis
C. Systems design
D. Systems development
4. A recent survey by Money magazine determined that out of 100 widely-held jobs, the top job classification, based on salary, prestige, and security, was a  A. network administrator.
B. cryptographer.
C. systems analyst.
D. computer engineer.

5. In the preliminary investigation phase of the systems life cycle, which one of the following tasks would not be included?  A. Briefly defining the problem
B. Suggesting alternative solutions
C. Gathering the data
D. Preparing a short report
6. In order to obtain financing for the analysis phase, the systems analyst must  A. prepare a preliminary investigation report.
B. justify the expense of upgrading.
C. consider abandoning the project.
D. train users on the new system.
7. Including schedules for further development of a project would be a part of this phase  A. suggesting alternate systems.
B. defining the problem.
C. preparing a short report.
D. gathering data.
8. The relationship between input and output documents is shown by  A. a grid chart.
B. a checklist.
C. investigation reports.
D. decision tables.
9. Which of the following is used to show the rules that apply to a decision when one or more conditions apply?  A. System flowchart
B. Decision table
C. Grid chart
D. Checklist

10. Which of the following tools present data or information flow within an information system?  A. Grid chart
B. Decision table
C. System flowchart
D. Data flow diagram
11. These tools are also called computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools. They are used in system analysis to evaluate alternative hardware and software solutions.  A. Project management tools

B. Automated design tools
C. Spreadsheets
D. Report generators
12. Which among the following would not be described in the systems analysis report?  A. The current information system
B. The requirements for a new system
C. The development schedule
D. The training requirements for users
13. The final task in the design phase of the systems life cycle is to  A. select the best design.
B. design alternative systems.
C. write a systems design report.
D. examine hardware requirements.
14. The first step in the systems design phase is to 
A. examine the hardware requirements.
B. design alternative systems.
C. select the best system.
D. analyze the data.

15. Determining whether the system can be made secure against unauthorized use is part of  A. analyzing the data.
B. writing the systems design report.
C. selecting the best system.
D. testing the system.
16. The costs versus the benefits of designs and the outlines of their effects is presented in the  A. systems analysis report.
B. preliminary investigation report.
C. initialization report.
D. systems design report.
17. During which phase of the systems life cycle are users trained to use the new system?  A. Preliminary investigation
B. Systems implementation
C. Systems development
D. Systems maintenance
18. The first step in implementing a new system is to determine the  A. hardware requirements.
B. software requirements.
C. conversion type.
D. best alternative.
19. Problems arising in this approach would spell disaster.  A. Direct approach
B. Parallel approach
C. Phased approach
D. Pilot approach

20. This implementation approach is preferred...
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