Setting Comparison for "A Rose for Emily" and "Eveline"

Topics: World War I, William Faulkner, World War II Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: August 6, 2009
In literature, setting is an essential part of a story. Setting is the time and place where the story takes place. It also can create a mood or feeling in the story. In the stories “Soldier’s Home,” by Ernest Hemingway, “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner and “Eveline,” by James Joyce, the all show how setting was essential to the stories. Setting was essential in “Soldier’s Home,” because it took place after World War I, and it helped to create his problem. In “A Rose for Emily,” setting was essential because it took place after the Civil War and she was able to get away with murder because she represented the old South. Setting is also essential in “Eveline,” due to it taking place in Ireland and the Irish culture encouraged her to make a lifestyle decision.

Setting was essential in “Soldier’s Home,” due to the time, place and social environment. Kreb’s fought during WWI. He fought in many famous battles that many men died in. When Krebs came home form the war, he didn’t put much effort into anything. His parents continued to behave as they had before he went to war. They were very restrictive on his privileges. They were still very conservative inhabits of a Mid-Western small town. His dad wouldn’t let him use the family car, and his mother kept pushing him to get a job. While he was in Europe he had a very active and free social life. He was seen by the Europeans as a hero. Girls would come to him and he wouldn’t have to put much effort into his social life. He took a picture with a General and girls in France. When Kreb’s came home, he didn’t have a social life because he wanted to behave as he had in Europe. He didn’t want to put in effort to have a girlfriend or friends for that matter. Krebs would sit on his porch and people watch all day long. He lived an effortless life because he was not willing to adjust to his former conservative values typical of mid-western small town. Without the setting of the story, the reader wouldn’t understand why...
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