Seth Dawson: The Man On The Bridge

Topics: William Golding, Lord of the Flies, Leadership, KILL, Morality, Family / Pages: 2 (260 words) / Published: Feb 23rd, 2016
People are not always true to the image they project. Seth Dawson, Adam Lockwood, and the man on the bridge are all great examples of this. Seth Dawson is always trying to seem cool even when he is uncomfortable with the situations he gets into. He acts comfortable and easygoing when he is desperate to fit in. “Adam had instructed Seth on how to feed quarters into the machine and get a pack of Marlboros. Seth had been really nervous about getting caught, but Adam had told him it was no sweat.” Adam Lockwood is actually a insecure boy acting rebellious and important to hid his true feelings. “‘They just don’t like me,’ Adam said. ‘You know how it is.’” The most important image in this story, however, is the man on the bridge. He acts and looks

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