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Session 14 Zappos Case Homework student version

By blueglow Apr 19, 2015 449 Words
1. Why was eCommerce the best approach to achieve Nick Swinmurn’s vision of the perfect shoe store? a. . No inventory limitations
b. . No re-stocking issues
c. . All brands, sizes, and colors are stocked in a main warehouse. d. . No constraints on number of brands in a given location. e. . No waiting for sales associates or personnel to bring you your size, immediately find your size shoe in various styles and fashions

2. How does the overall construction of the Web site contribute to the success of the business? Organization your answer around the three elements of Web site design: content, design (i.e. look and feel, and ease of navigation), and functionality (i.e. user interactivity). Content

Limitless shoe options in various brands, sizes, and colors
Very visually focused (great for people looking for fashionable shoes) Shoes can be personalized and added to cart in minutes.
Offers more than just shoes, offers entire outfits including accessories. “Narrow your choices” bar makes for easy customization and personalization of products By logging in you can save your cart or list favorites for easier shopping or reference in the future. Customer reviews allows buyers to know product flaws or size differences before buying Banner reminds customers of free shipping and free returns to ease online shopping hesitation. Various ways to find a product, whether it be through the search bar or categories.

3. What steps did take to ensure that the firm’s work culture fit well with the so-called “Internet Generation?” Why is this important to the organization’s success? a. steps taken:
i. . Use of twitter to answer customer concerns
ii. . Use blogs for communication and postings.
iii. . Mass customization
iv. . Personalized Zappos sites, ex. Couture, running, outdoors, etc. v. . Fun an innovative work environment

b. importance:
i. . Customers get fast/real-time answers to questions
ii. . Complaints can be handled quickly and personally
iii. . Mass customization allows customers to feel personally connected to the brand. Feel as if they are creating the products. iv. .Strong customer brand engagement, customers can identify with the brand which leads to better retention. v. .Innovative work environment draws young talent and inspires creativity in the workplace.

4. What advantages did bring to the merger/acquisition of and what did Zappos bring? Amazon’s Contributions
Zappos Contributions:
Amazon owned order fulfillment centers in more locations
Best selection of shoes available anywhere online (vast product mix) World renowned inventory management system
Strong focus on customer satisfaction and trained customer service team. Amazon owned delivery trucks for faster and more widespread shipping Strong social media presence and social media team.
Large data management systems
Customer data such as demographic information and shopping preferences.

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