Serving Adult And Returning Students

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Career Planning for College Students. (n.d.). iseekcareers. Retrieved September 26, 2014, from hhtp://

If you’re a first time student or an adult returning college this website is great for whenever you are in your learning process. The website is primarily configured with the use of three tabs. The Explore Career offers a self-assessment, goal setting tools and different ways to explore which course to take in order to pursue your career. Planning your education tab will help you figure out to apply, pay and prepare for the college of your choice. After graduation the last tab will help you to explore the job market, resume preparation, applying and interviewing for your new career. The website also offers links and blogs to help you stay relevant to those around you. Copyrighted in 1999 by iSeek Solutions the information is still relevant for today’s student.

College Career life Planning. (n.d.). College Career Life Planning. Retrieved September 26,
2014, from

This website is a great resource if you have aspirations of continuing your education after high school. I like the fact that the website offers information for students as early as middle school. The website also offers hundreds of free career tools to students, teachers and parents. Career Planning was created by the National Education Foundation and is a non-profit organization to give you a direct link to life as well as college planning. Although it is eight years old the website will help the student of today in their everyday life choice.

Gaffney, S. (2005). Career development as a retention and succession planning tool. The Journal for Quality and Participation, 28(3), 7-10. Retrieved from

This article focuses on the side of career development that is seldom discussed. What Gaffney covers is your internal development while on the job and how you can excel in the workplace. Under this career development plan employers are encouraged to find ways to retain and train employees so that the business can grow. The belief is that with succession planning synergy creates a better and more productive employee. To get a feel for the workplace atmosphere the employer has assessments so that they may put the employee’s goals with the organizations. The interesting part about this journal is it all the how the employee can succeed in the workforce. If you were somehow able to review assessments it can be a great asset to look for potential employers. The article is cleverly written and I plan on relaying this information to my friends and family.

Kennamer, M. A., & Campbell, J. (2011). Serving adult and returning students: one college's experience. Techniques, (2), 44.

The authors, researchers at Northeast Alabama Community College had begun to research how to increase enrollment at the college. Data from the local community was collected and contributed to what programs that were actually needed to increase enrollment. Hardships, unemployment and local sock layoffs contributed to an increase in the need of adult’s returning to college. Studies proved that online schooling, high school programs, GED programs and community events boosted enrollment as well. The article gave us a statistics of returning adult’s age forty to fifty but other ages of those returning to school were not mentioned. We didn’t learn about how the job force was affected by the increase of returning adults. Overall this was a great statistical advantage if you’re an adult living in Alabama if you were going to return to college. This article is new and up to date with all the challenges one might face when returning to college.

Laker, D. R., & Laker, R. (2007). THE FIVE-YEAR RESUME: A CAREER PLANNING EXERCISE. Journal of Management Education, 31(1), 128-141. Retrieved from...
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