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H&M, which is located in Liverpool one, is a clothing shop focusing on young people who pursue fashion. Comparing with other H&M stores, it only attracts a small number of customers. As a result, our group made a research about the shop in order to discover the problems and provide meaningful suggestions. Based on the group member’s real introspection about the shop and the servicescape which enabled us to have general beliefs, feelings, and behavioral intentions toward the store (Elisabeth 2011), our group analyzed the problem of H&M through three aspects, vision, odor and auditory sense. In order to draw more customers’ attention, we concluded several alternative choices that can be adopted to redesign the shop’s physical evidence. However, on account of the fact that only four introspections obtained, this research has several limitations. In the further study, researchers can interview more customers to acquire more reliable advices.

The Introduction
H&M Hennes & Mauritz is Sweden multinational company which is involved in the design, production and retail of fashion clothes and accessories. It had opened more 2,200 stores in 38 countries over the world until 2010 and continued to expand and open their new store in other five markets in 2011. The business concept of H&M is to offer good quality fashion products at the best price. Without owning any production lines or factories, H&M is supported by 700 supplies in 300 countries, and most of them are in Europe and Asia. In 2010, H&M online store opened in the UK, which is one of the most significant markets. (H&M Annual Report 2010)

There are two H&M stores located in Liverpool One. The H&M Liverpool that is prepared to redesign the servicescape is on the Church Street, which is opened much earlier than the one on the Paradise Street. It is a three storeyed shop selling fashionable clothing and related accessories for women, men and kids. Compared with the H&M on the Paradise Street, its décor style seems more old- fashioned looked from the exterior and the interior layout looks sort of crowded and disordered. Therefore, the redesign and modifications of the servicescape are considered necessary. Among a variety of factors in the auditory, visual and olfactory dimensions, music, color and scent will be the main focuses.

Redesigning the auditory dimensions
In terms of the musicscape, variables that may affect customer cognitive or emotional response to the service encounters in the store are the demographics of the firm’s target customer and the popularity of the music (Baron et al 2009). Oakes also found that factors regarding to the characteristics of the background music can be the type, tempo, harmony and volume (Oakes 2000). These two main aspects need to be considered together when modifying the auditory dimensions. Music Genre

The H&M 2010 Conscious Actions Sustainability Report states that their target customer is people at any age who love fashion and enjoy shopping fashionable and trendy products (H&M 2010). In this sense, it might be better if the genre of background music in the store is pop and frequently heard in most instances. For example, research has found that customers tend to stay longer and spend more money if they think the background music is in accordance with the shop style (Radocy and Boyle 1997). The current music played in the store is basically congruent with the taste of the target customer. However, the constantly repeated melody can annoy customers who stay longer in the store. As the experience showed by our group member in the Introspection 4 (Appendices), the background music initially excited him but eventually became noise to him to some extent. In addition, North and Hargreaves also revealed that although pop music is more liked by most people, classical music can stimulate customer’s purchase intention and buy more expensive items (Oaks 2007). Therefore, the store can adjust the music style timely according...
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