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In recent years, researchers begin to study the influence of the firm’s environment on Consumer Behaviour because the significance of the environment has become prominent in service marketing (Gilboa, S and Rafaeli,A, 2003) . The majority of this work has focussed on the results of the physical attributes of the customers’ external environment, or as Kotler (1974) referred to it as ‘atmospherics’. The effects of servicescapes on customers and employees are widely underappreciated and underutilized. Managers frequently change physical surroundings without taking into account the impact the design changes will, or could have, on customers and employees.

The servicescape is a concept that to prove the impact of physical surrounding on customers and employees (Bitner, J and Booms, B, 1981). It is a kind of physical evidence and it explains where the company and the customer interact and where the service is delivered. All of the physical evidence assists to communicate evidence and experience qualities found in business services (College of Business: James Madison University). EXPLANATION OF COMMON USAGE

Servicescape is used widely in Service Marketing. There are many examples that show the meaning of this concept. Rabobank and Swedbank are two great competitors to reflect their difference in servicescape. According to Wesley Van der Deijl’s research, those two banks have different kinds of physical evidence. Rabobank did try to create certain mood in each location and the mood depended on customer wishes in the towns or villages which a Rabobank is placed (Van der Deijl, 2008). In the other hand, Swedbank has the same visual manual in order to maintain the corporate image (Van der Deijl, 2008).
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