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__________________________________________________________________________________ SERVICE SECTOR - CURRENT MARKETTING NATURE
Services are deed process and performance. Service includes all economic activities whose output is not tangible. The world economy nowadays is increasingly characterized as service economy .As today more than 70% of world economies income and employment is contributed by services sector and p their major contribution to the GDP in developing countries. Service marketing refers to the marketing of services as against tangible products. Services marketing typically refer to both BUISNESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) and BUISNESS TO BUISNESS SERVICES (B2B). The importance of marketing of services is to managed in a different manner as compared to the marketing of products. CHANGING FACES OF SERVICE MARKETING:

The four most commonly ascribed to services are
However there are several changes, while services may be intangible, the process of delivery and even the customer experience of the service is not necessarily so. The service providers must pay attention to customer experience during the process of service delivery. Heterogeneity is not applicable as we see an increased pressure for standardization of services. This is been achieved through automation and greater focus on standardizing the service delivery process. There are also several services that are separable. EG: INSURANCE AND REPAIR. In today’s information era there are several information based services that can be recorded and saved in electronic media and reproduced on demand. Thus service marketing appreciates to 7p’s of marketing strategy rather to the old 3p’s of...
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