Service Request SR rm 022

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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1

Hugh McCauley the COO of Riordan Manufacturing is requesting help with taking advantage of the more sophisticated state-of-the-art information technology systems that are already implemented in the Human Resources department. Mr. McCauley would like to combine these existing Human Resource tools into one integrated application. Riordan Manufacturing spans multiple locations including San Jose CA, Albany GA, Pontiac MI, Hangzhou China and all locations are accessing confidential information that needs to be shared between them.

This paper is going to explain the information- gathering techniques and design methods that are planned to be used in this project. Business requirements will be gathered from the Human Resources department so that the objective of the project can be clearly defined as well as the key factors that help gather the information efficiently. All of this information will be collaborated together to create a detailed project charter that will define the daily tasks, a schedule, resources available, and a financial plan.

To develop this particular project it will be necessary to gather information from multiple sources to ensure that the project performs exactly as intended. To do this I will meet with the key stakeholders that have influence on this project. To establish who the key stakeholders are in the Riordan Manufacturing project the intranet is investigated.

The stakeholders of Riordan Manufacturing include the COO Hugh McCauley who is also the requestor of this project and the director of coordinating the goals and objectives of the company. The President and CEO Michael Riordan is an important stakeholder because the performance of the company directly affects him. The Director of Human Resources Yvonne McMillan is another important Stakeholder because she works with the systems that are currently in place and will be working directly with the new application. The Manager of IT Services Patricia Miller will be a great resource having an understanding of the current systems and also to provide support after the new system is put in place. The new users that will be using have to use the software will be trained by Yvonne McMillan as she currently does the employee training.

The first information gathering technique that will be put into play will be a single panel interview, this will require a meeting with each stakeholder individually to acquire their requirements of the project. " The most common technique for gathering requirements is to sit down with the clients and ask them what they need. The discussion should be planned out ahead of time based on the type of requirements you're looking for. There are many good ways to plan the interview, but generally you want to ask open-ended questions to get the interviewee to start talking and then ask probing questions to uncover requirements." (Mochal, 2008). This technique was selected because having a one-on-one meeting with each stakeholder is a great first step in determining what each individual's requirements are before taking all requirements to the group panel to determine the agreed upon requirements.

After the single panel interviews are complete the second information gathering technique will involve group panel interviews where everyone involved will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns. Both of these panels are going to give me a clear understanding of what Riordan Manufacturing Human Resources department wants and needs in order to improve the functionality of the systems that are currently in place. After the requirements have been clearly defined and documented the system can then be designed for the Human Resources department.

For the Riordan Manufacturing Human Resources department system improvement design to work another information gathering technique that will be used, Joint Application Development or JAD. " JAD is a requirements-definition and...

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