Service Quality of Bank

Topics: Bank, Indonesia, Money Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: January 11, 2011
Name: Jeny Utami
Id: 1071117263
Good and Bad banking service that I’ve ever experienced before… It was really great to have banking service especially internet banking. It has a lot of advantage for me, for instance helping me out to pay my tuition fee, pay my bill, and buy a prepaid reload. Transfer money also getting easy as my parents from Indonesia send me money just thru ATM to ATM. Despite all of the good thing of the banking service. I’ve experience the worse one. If I’m not mistaken, on Thursday, August 23, 2007 around 15:46 pm, I make cash withdrawals at ATMs BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia or Indonesian Bank) branch Klampis Surabaya Rp1,000,000, but it was came out only Rp950.000, though my bank account already count 1,000,000 as withdrawal. I report directly to the customer service BNI branch Klampis and asked to complete written reports. On Monday, August 27, 2007, when I have some savings on print book teller BNI, listed 50,000 refund on August 24, 2007. But, August 28, 2007 when I re-requested printed, 50,000 of money, it has taken / credited back. According to customer service BNI, it happened because it was considered there was no difference in the ATM transaction otherwise altered so successful and did not return my money. Although there were not many, but nevertheless I still impaired by ATM BNI. Previously, I have also experienced a similar ugly incident at the ATM BCA (Bank Central Asia) with a lack of money is greater. Around May 15, 2009, I withdraw cash at BCA ATM in Jakarta about Rp1,000,000 but in fact, money that comes out just Rp250,000 or less Rp750,000 whereas the contents of my bank account has been reduced Rp1.000.0000. I immediately make a report by phone to the BCA Access Center. Furthermore, I also suggested make repeated telephone and written report on the BCA branch, the exact location while I withdraw the money. However, after months of waiting, my money is 'eaten' in BCA ATM did not come back, because by the...
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