Service Quality in the Hong Kong Disneyland

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Executive summary

Disneyland wants to know visitors’ ideas of what improvements can be made to enhance their satisfaction. For this purpose, Disneyland desires that a quick survey of their visitors be done to elicit their opinions.

Disneyland always receive many of complaints for the tourist ,it found that the common problem is cutting in the line and the place & facilities is not enough.

Disneyland should find out the main problem and rectify, the following we have done a problem from the four main issues and recommendations.

Service Quality in the Hong Kong Disneyland
In the Hong Kong Disneyland, the staff's service quality is ideal for visitors holistically, but the minority of staff are unsatisfactory in their working performance and too long working hours while lack of rest for staff. It is concerned for their working problems. Some visitors claimed that they were impolitely treated by the staff in the Hong Kong Disneyland. After that, the company warned the staff and apologized the involved visitors. Of course, the problem is tiny, but it can be improved. Why the staff's service quality are unsatisfactory for visitors? It may be affected from their personal problems or their working arrangement. Besides, their problems make visitors unsatisfactory. The most of employees have to work excessive long hours, usually 10-13 hours; net working hours, and from the company's drive away (about 3 hours), the preparation before work and after work tidying up (about 1 hour), leaving only 7 employees for 10 hours daily of free time. Some of them may feel tired from too long working hours. Although they hope to treat guests sincerely and courteously, burned out, the really powerless and can only force a smile. Many criticisms reflect the chaotic arrangement on human resources and duty - shift schedules. It is too frequent for overnight shift, the minority of staff are extremely working until 11 p.m. while they have to work at 6 a.m. next day. Due to the lack of staff, the promise of having a break for 15 minutes after 4 consecutive work hours are ignored. Even though staff can take break, to exclude their commuting time towards rest room, a rest is less than 15 minutes for staff. Meanwhile, the facilities, including seats, microwaves and fridges inside the rest room are insufficient. The staff's service quality is affected by all the above conditions, the staff of morale which in turns. Also, the unsatisfactory of working conditions, many staff are planning to leave or already resign. To deal with the shortage of labor, the catering and cleaning departments already contracted out part of their jobs. Indeed, this is not an ultimate solution to deal with the problem. A part of staff worry contracting out and part - time employment becoming the long-term policy for the company. The morale for staff is affected seriously. And then, the Hong Kong Disneyland is need to employ many of new staff to work in most departments.

Now, many job vacancies from the most of departments are offered in the Hong Kong Disneyland, such as entertainment department, and operations and travel department, for solving the shortage of labor.


One of the employees has said '1 hope that the company can set the maximum working hours for 8 hours per day, it must not be more than 10 hours per day, including overtime working hours, so that employee get enough rest, full of energy to serve travelers for the ideal service quality.'

Although this require is not tangible in the social for nowadays , but we can use this suggest to consider a more appropriate condition to staff.

Rule and Tourist Management Problem

When Hong Kong Government widens the limitation of individual travel from Mainland China, a large quantity of mainland person comes to Hong Kong to shipping and sightseeing, of course they also...
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