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In recent years, banks have had to present more various services with higher quality due to the increase in competition and keeping the durability and their profitability. Indeed in these years the increasing trend of competitive environment in the banking industry of the country attracted banks to the field of offering banking services expected by the customers more than before. In this issue paying attention to the effective factors on customers' expectations and its relationship with services quality is one of the important issues of the evaluation of services quality. The provisions of the paper are mainly dedicated about the entire aspects of the “Dimension of Service Quality” at Dashen Bank. The major aim of the paper is to measure the quality of service offered by Dashen bank and expectations of customers from the banking service (customer satisfaction). The five dimensions i.e. reliability, assurance, tangibility, empathy and responsiveness were used to measure the quality of service offered by the bank. In order to achieve the aims, primary and secondary sources of data are used. The primary data were collected from administered questionnaires; the secondary data were collected from dashen bank manuals, internet and textbooks. The paper shows that assurance and responsiveness plays the most important role in customer satisfaction level followed by reliability, empathy, and finally the bank tangibility.

The economic liberalization of the financial sector started in 1991 laid a foundation for the formation and expansion of private banks in Ethiopia. This coupled with rapid technological advancement and improved communication systems, have contributed to the increasing integration and resemblance amongst banks in the financial sector. As a result, banks are now faced with very high and intense competition (Harvey, 2010). Banks operating in Ethiopia is consequently put into lot of pressures due towards increase in competition. Various strategies are formulated to retain the customer and the key of it is to increase the service quality level. Service quality is particularly essential in the banking services context because it provides high level of customer satisfaction, and hence it becomes a key to competitive advantage (Ahmossawi, 2001). In addition, when you're developing new products and services, quality is important not only to satisfy your clients, but also to help you stand out from your competitors. Service quality has a significant impact on a bank’s success and performance. Nowadays, service quality has received much attention because of its obvious relationship with costs, financial performance, customer satisfaction, and customer retention. Dashen Bank is one of the renowned private bank that have been established in 1995 with the intentions mission to provide efficient and customer focused domestic and international banking services by overcoming the continuous challenge for excellence through the applications of appropriate technology. One of the technological aspects of any business organizations, in particular Dashen Bank, with the context of this paper study, the applications and implementations of efficient and effective way of Quality Customer Service is the key factor towards achieving the desired goal.

1.1Background of the Study
Dashen bank was established on September 20, 1995 as a share company with an authorized and subscribed capital of birr 50 million. Presently it is paid up capital and legal reserve (Primary capital) has recorded over 1.3 billion, at June 30th 2013. Dashen bank has its own great vision, mission, & value. It has known by provided a quality bank service all over in Ethiopia. And also it has providing a quality international bank service, such as: import documents on collection CAD/IBC, export against incoming L/Cs, CADs, advance payments & consignment basis, outgoing & incoming Banking guarantees, and Incoming money...
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