“Service of Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka”

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“Service of Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka”

To gain the knowledge of Management systems Hotel
To Know about the Planning of Hotel
To Know about the Organizing of Hotel
To Know about the Leading of Hotel
To Know about the Controlling system of Hotel
To know about the Service & Beverage System of Hotel
To know about the Analysis of Report

Curtis L. Carlson starts Gold Bond Stamp Company in1938 In the 1960s,, the Gold Bond Stamp Company expanded into the hospitality industry with the acquisition of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Minneapolis in 1973 , Gold Bond changed its name to Carlson Companies In 2006 it is known as Carlson.

In 2008 – 2009 , focus on hospitality and travel
The planning process of Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel is formal. Generally, formal planning is associated with higher profit, higher return on assets and other positive financial results. Strategic Plan: Chief Executive Officer,

Managing Director, Carlson
Operational plan: The department manager

Goal Setting:
Goal setting is done by the top level of the organization and then broken into sub-goals for each level of the organization.  Through their Approaches to establishing goals in traditional goal setting but top level management communicate with lower level management about decision and rewards are allowed on the basis of the progress. Purposes of Organizing:

Dividing works into specific jobs and departments.
Assigning tasks and responsibilities to individuals.
Coordinating organizational tasks.
Establishing relationship.
Establishing formal line of authority.
Allocating organizational resources.
Organizing system of Radisson Blu Water Garden
Work Specialization
Chain of command
Dynamic Environment

Leadership is the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of goals. It is an important aspect of management. One of the main reasons of Radisson’s success in the philosophy of yes I can! By this slogan all of the foreign tourists enjoy the same services like those of other Radissons. Importance of leadership in management:

Leadership creates unity among different employees
It enhances team spirit.
It aids to attaining goal of the organization.
Develops relationship among different people.
Helps to apply authority.
Application of leadership in the management:
Radisson Blu garden follows democratic or participative leadership that means the manager invites his subordinates to participate in tackling problems, so that the work group and the leader are acting as a social unit. The management authority believes that the workers are their main factor of success. For participatory leadership the Radisson Blu Water garden has been able to provide quality services to the visitors.

Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel follows the controlling process of monitoring activities to ensure that they are being done as planned, and correcting any significant deviation. The managers of all departments are included in the control function even if their units are performing as planned.

3 types of control :
As it’s services are clearly and distinct and competition specified against other international hotels uses market control to establish standard. Bureaucratic control is used there by establishing rules, regulations, procedures, policies, standardization of activities budget to ensure performance standards.  Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel also uses clan control by practicing our social value, traditional culture, rituals & other aspects that regulates employees’ behavior. Services:

Enjoy our Dhaka, Bangladesh Hotel's Quality Amenities
The exquisitely appointed Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka boasts a comprehensive range of...
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